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  • MEMS Manufacturing Services

    MEMS Manufacturing Services

    We offer custom manufacturing solutions to OEM manufacturers ranging from concept to high volume manufacturing. Our foundry is equipped for 200mm and 150mm wafer sizes and includes the standard MEMS processes such as wet chemistry, lithography and thin film processing. Our high standard of quality control is ensured by a suite of metrological systems and the use of modern statistical methods which underpin all of our production processes which follows...

  • Service and Repair

    Service and Repair

    For mass flow devices, Axetris offers high-quality repairs done by qualified professionals. Additionally, a re-calibration and verification service is provided on customer demand.

  • Technical Customer Support Services

    Technical Customer Support Services

    At Axetris, we understand the importance of quick, professional and efficient technical customer support! Axetris understands itself as a partner to our OEM customers – and maintains a dedicated technical support team to respond to customers’ queries from the early design-in phase to after sales support in the field.

  • Micro-Optics and Services

    Micro-Optics and Services

    Axetris AG serves customers with a wide range of micro-optics products – from refractive micro-optic lenses and lens arrays to diffractive optical elements in silicon and fused silica - covering the entire wavelength range from UV to mid IR. Axetris serves customers from various industries such as telecommunications, optical sensing, metrology, laser systems, 3D photography, medical applications...