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  • Automated Fuel Filtration Systems

    STS Systems remove water, sediment and stabilize stored fuel for Optimal Fuel Quality at All Times. Safe & Reliable Emergency Power for Mission Critical Equipment. Peak Engine Performance and Uptime for Primary Power Systems.

  • Power Plant Fuel Conditioning Skid

    Power Plant Fuel Conditioning Skid

    This automated Algae-X Fuel Oil Conditioning System is custom engineered to decontaminate and condition all fuel for a Power Plant equipped with GE Turbines. It is a continuous duty, fully automated system that provides optimal quality fuel with < 50 ppm at < 5 micron of contaminant and < 200 ppm of water. The skid is equipped with wo filter vessels each containing five filter and coalescer elements. The water separated from the supplied fuel...

  • Mobile Fuel Tank Cleaning Systems

    Remove water, sludge, and sediments that naturally accumulate in tanks. Clean tanks while restoring fuel to its optimal Clear & Bright pristine condition. Recondition, stabilize and decontaminate Bio-Diesel, Diesel Fuel, Light Oils & Hydraulic Fluids.

  • AXI - Model TK 240-XT - Portable Tank Cleaning & Fuel Transfer System

    AXI - Model TK 240-XT - Portable Tank Cleaning & Fuel Transfer System

    Portable Tank Cleaning and Fuel Transfer Systems are used for re-circulating, polishing and transferring diesel fuel and light oils in boats, stand-by generators, trucks, buses, agricultural machinery and heavy equipment. The TK 240-XT is compact, portable and easy to use. For marine applications, the TK 240 can be used in conjunction with the existing on-board primary filter/water separator. Equipped with a 12V DC motor, the TK 240 effectively...

  • Fuel Filtration & Separation

  • Particulate Filter-Water Separation Vessels

    Particulate Filter-Water Separation Vessels

    AXI RV Series Filter Vessels offer a versatility of both bulk filtration, or water separation for all hydrocarbon fuel streams. These filters are usually deployed as first stage filtration downstream in fuel storage lines to remove emulsified water, dirt, rust, scale, and other solids from diesel fuel, Bio-Diesel, and hydraulic fluids. • Versatile Abilities, Either Filtration or Water Separation • Hinged Access Cover For Easy Maintenance •...

  • Water Separator

    Water Separator

    Fuel, Water and Sediment Separation without using Filter Elements RCM Separators efficiently remove water, sludge and sediments that naturally accumulate in tanks.

  • Pre Filter PF-10

    Pre Filter PF-10

    ALGAE-X® Bag Filter Systems are a custom designed, powerful addition to your Mobile Tank Cleaning System. They provide large capacity, heavy-duty pre-screening for tank cleaning jobs with extraordinary amounts of sludge, rust scale, and other contaminants to protect your equipment. They consist of a large filter housing with a strainer basket that can be lined with a replaceable filter bag.

  • Pre Filter PF-30

    Pre Filter PF-30

    The PF-30 Pre-Filter is recommended to connect with the MTC-3000 Mobile Tank Cleaners (As show to the left), and filters particulate and other contaminates at 220 GPM.

  • Pressure Filters FV-120 / FV-150

    Pressure Filters FV-120 / FV-150

    The IC-PF Pressure Fine Filter series is molded from durable carbon steel, and provides large capacity, heavy-duty pre-screening for tank cleaning jobs with extraordinary amounts of sludge, rust scale, and other contaminants to protect your equipment.

  • Accessories

  • Manifolds & Junction Boxes

    Manifolds & Junction Boxes

    AXI Manifolds are made from durable, aircraft-grade, machined aluminum with a black anodize finish. These precision designed and manufactured manifolds are available for custom applications and specifications to control the flow of fuels.They are also available in a variety of materials such as non-metallic composits, aluminum and other metals with standard port sizes and valve cavities.

  • FS - Sample Thief (Bacon Bomb)

    FS - Sample Thief (Bacon Bomb)

    The Bacon Bomb is an industrial strength device designed to take fuel samples from the bottom of storage tanks. When the thief strikes the bottom of the tank, a plunger assembly opens to admit the sample. The plunger closes again when the sampler is withdrawn, forming a tight seal. Samples can be taken at any depth with the use of a secondary trip line. The thief is equipped with a plunger locking cam for tight closure during transport.

  • FS - Fluid Sampling Pump

    FS - Fluid Sampling Pump

    Obtains fluid samples from hard to reach spots with flexible 1/4� tubing and the FS 100 Fluid Sampling pump. The durability, simplicity, versatility and. operating ease bring a new level of performance to fluid sampling. No cross contamination. Fluids can be drawn through tubing (FS 120) directly into sampling bottle (FS 110) without coming into contact with the pump. The pump will stay completely clean. The FS system can be used for fuels, oil,...

  • Carter Pump

    Carter Pump

    The Carter pump is a self-priming, positive displacement (rotary vane) pump. It is available in 12V or 24V DC and meets Coast Guard regulations. Ideal for use in fuel re-circulation and transfer systems.

  • SFC-50 Smart Filtration Controller

    SFC-50 Smart Filtration Controller

    The Algae-X fuel maintenance systems provide reliable fuel by constantly monitoring their performance, and automating the fuel maintenance cycles with our SMART Controllers. The SFC-50 is a fully automated filtration controller with digital text readout of alarm system status, and easy to program for scheduled periodic fuel maintenance. Generally for use with our smaller systems such as the FPS systems, the SFC-50 gives an instant visual status report of...

  • Pressure & Vacuum Gauges

    Pressure & Vacuum Gauges

    Pressure & Vacuum gauges are for monitoring purposes. (e.g. to let you know when the filter needs to be changed).

  • Filter Cartridges

    Filter Cartridges

    There are two types of Algae-X spin-on fine filters available. 1. The standard 3, 10 or 25 micron fine filter. 2. The special 3 or 10 micron water block fine filter additionally removes emulsified water.