Axpo Kompogas Ltd.

Axpo Kompogas Ltd.

Axpo Kompogas Ltd. is a global market and technology leader in anaerobic dry fermentation and made a reputation for itself as a plant operator and manufacturer. Worldwide, our largest plant has an annual fermentation capacity of almost 300,000 tonnes and is more than 13 times larger than a standard plant in Switzerland. Across the globe, over 70 Kompogas plants are currently in operation. Axpo Kompogas Ltd. produces the plants directly or in cooperation with partners. In this process, customers are supported from the initial project idea, through financing and implementation. Axpo Kompogas Ltd. has been producing biogas from municipal and industrial organic waste for over 19 years. It is used to generate green electricity and heat, and can also be used as a fuel. The fermentation residues are returned to the soil as organic fertiliser for agricultural use, which closes the material cycle.

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Flughofstrasse 54 , Glattbrugg , 8152 Switzerland

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Energy - Bioenergy
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Globally (various continents)

We construct and operate fermentation plants for organic waste

Organic waste is a source of energy. With over 400 years of operating experience, Axpo Kompogas is the market leader in constructing and operating fermentation plants.

Fermenting organic waste preserves resources and completes material cycles - that is our contribution to an intact environment.

Potential for the environment

In Switzerland 1.6 million tons of organic waste could be fermented every year. As opposed to the straight disposal of organic waste, when it is recycled in a Kompogas process the ecological cycle is completed. The ecological advantage of the Kompogas process has been confirmed via environmental life cycle assessment.

We pass on our knowledge

In the last 20 years, Axpo Kompogas has constantly improved and refined the Kompogas process. We possess immense expertise in constructing and operating biogas plants, and it grows with every new project.

In the 'Knowledge' section, we share our experience, explain the varied subjects clearly, and provide ways of obtaining more information on certain subjects.

We are market and technology leaders in fermentation technology. We develop, construct and operate plants for recycling municipal and industrial organic waste. The Kompogas process produces electricity and heat ecologically, which is fed into the public supply grid or local heating network. Alternatively, the biogas can be treated for use as vehicle fuel. The fermentation residues are returned to the soil as organic fertiliser for agricultural use, and the material cycle is closed. Over 65 plants across the globe attest to the high quality and reliability of the process. The combined operating years of 65 plants add up to over 400 years. We operate 16 of our own plants in Switzerland. Roughly 300 communities and cities commission us to recycle their organic waste.

Over 20 years' experience in operating and constructing Kompogas plants proves that we use a proven and reliable technology.

Axpo, the leading Swiss energy service provider, acquired shares in Kompogas in 2006, and took over the company entirely in 2010. In doing so, Axpo emphasises the importance of material and energy recovery of organic waste.

Our visions

We want all organic waste to be used sustainably, both in energetic and economic terms.

Our missions

The following missions help us fulfil our visions:

We are a technology leader, nationally and internationally in the construction of fermentation plants for organic waste.
We are experts in operating fermentation plants for sustainable material and energy recovery of the organic waste available in Switzerland.

The success story started in the 1980s with Walter Schmid's idea of using organic waste for energy. The process was improved continuously in the following years. The resulting Kompogas process has now been used for 20 years. As a pioneering company, Axpo Kompogas Ltd. has a key advantage in economic efficiency and technology.

Since 2006, Axpo Kompogas Ltd. has been part of the Axpo Group. With the backing of a powerful partner, the company has the resources required to develop the technology and reach new markets.