Azeral Environmental Sciences

Azeral Environmental Sciences

AZERAL ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES is a professional firm that groups a wide variety of services related to Environmental Sciences. It offers design, management, support and consulting services for the execution of research projects and technical studies within the field of Environmental Sciences, at any stage of development. It specializes in biomonitoring and ecological and ecotoxicological assessment of natural habitats, wildlife, domestic populations and plant communities; Environmental Risk Assessments (ERAs), food safety, landscape and urban ecology, diagnosis of ecosystem services and ecological restoration. Moreover, it performs different kinds of communicative and teaching activities in our specialty areas, including scientific communication.

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Consulting firm
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Environmental Science and Research
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Internationally (various countries)
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Literature reviews

The first step towards the design and planning of any technical study or RDI project, entails reading, analysis, evaluation and summarization of all the relevant, up to date scientific and technical information on a specific environmental issue. The result of this process is a strong theoretical base, produced as a report, which forms the foundation to design, schedule and manage scientific-technical proposals or projects

Design, planning, and management of technical studies and RDI projects

Azeral Environmental Sciences, offer professionals with expertise in the different developmental stages of technical studies and RDI projects, ranging from developing hypotheses, selecting key variables and solving methodological issues, to comprehensive analysis and interpretation of results. We combine strong organizational skills, a flexible approach and an eye for detail. We work closely with our customers to determine the optimal study design, anticipate, avoid, and solve problems, and ensure efficient task completion, while communicating key developments at every stage.

Field work (sampling and data collection)

The quality and reliability of the results of any technical study or RDI project depend on close attention to detail during sample and data collection and strict adherence to valid scientific methods. At Azeral Environmental Sciences, we identify, design and apply the most appropriate and effective scientific methods and materials for every project.

Analysis, evaluation and interpretation of data (statistical analyses)

Extracting results from field or laboratory data is time-consuming and laborious, but is an essential component of good science and technical work. A well-designed database, broad knowledge of the specific discipline and the use of robust statistical methods are indispensable. At Azeral Environmental Sciences, we obtain or receive the data, organize them, analyze them through the use of biostatistical tools and interpret them considering specific factors and the latest scientific advancements. The result: a complete report including full text, tables, and illustrations that will provide conclusions or interpretation from the research results, allowing our customers to determine the best actions to follow.

Design, peer-review and edit scientific-technical documents

At Azeral Environmental Sciences, we provide support in the writing and preparation of RDI documents and materials: research and technical proposals, books and articles, manuals and guidelines, reports, BSc-MSc-PhD theses, teaching materials and public presentations.

Scientific communication and discovery

Communication and discovery are fundamental in Environmental Sciences, since they are cornerstones for societal recognition and can promote new directions for projects and collaborations. At Azeral Environmental Sciences, we are skilled in the design and development of informative, communication products linked to Environmental Sciences, applying the best strategies to guarantee comprehensive dissemination of our customers’ research and technical work to the target audience.




Training courses

We design and offer training courses on a variety of subjects related to Environmental Sciences, for all levels of education and skills, in collaboration with experienced and recognized training organizations. Research and scientific method, scientific writing, biodiversity, biological conservation, management of natural spaces, wildlife populations, and ecological systems, are some of the topics we offer.

Communication and Environmental Education campaigns

We design and carry out communicative, educational, and awareness-raising campaigns in the field of Environmental Sciences.

Environmental Education activities and workshops

Actions based on thematic games, gymkhanas and workshops are excellent reinforcement tools to foster attitudes and behaviors of care and responsibilities for Nature. At Azeral Environmental Sciences, we design, guide and deliver a variety of Environmental Educational activities, tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We provide activities and workshops related to wild flora and fauna, efficient and sustainable use of water and energy, recycling, ethnobotany and other environmental issues.

Nature interpretation

Interpretation of natural systems entails the art of revealing the beauty, inspiration and meaning behind what is seen in nature; it is the act of bringing a scientific discovery or story to life for the audience, arousing curiosity and opening minds, promoting an appreciation for the environment and the desire to protect it. At Azeral Environmental Sciences, we design and guide thematic activities of Nature interpretation tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Didactic and divulgative materials

Azeral Environmental Sciences professionals are trained and experienced in the design and development of supporting materials and products for any communicative, training and investigative action in the field of Environmental Sciences. Field guides and notebooks, manuals and workbooks for teachers and students, monographic materials, informative videos, leaflets and posters, and interpretative and informative signaling for natural areas are some of our offerings.




This is the study of the distribution, abundance and diversity of living organisms and the relationships among them and with the environment at any scale or organizational level. Our services within this area include:

Environmental monitoring

We design and develop projects to evaluate and monitor environmental components, from abiotic elements to wildlife populations and communities (biodiversity).

Population and community ecology

We study the interactions among fauna, flora, and their environment which makes up an ecological community.

Ecosystem ecology

We study the physical, chemical and biological constituents of ecosystems to determine how matter and energy flow through them.

Diagnosis of ecosystem goods and services

We identify and evaluate the elements and services provided by ecosystems to support human society and our lifestyles.

Urban ecology

We analyze human activities in urban environments and ecological processes affected by these activities, to identify paths towards sustainability.

Landscape ecology

We assess the spatial and temporal changes in the ecological processes within a region or landscape, examining the effects of human activities on landscape heterogeneity.

Ecophysiology – Environmental physiology

We study how living organisms succeed of fail to adapt their physiology to environmental conditions in response to anthropogenic impacts.

Recreation ecology

We study the recreational carrying capacity of natural areas, to determine environmental impacts from recreational uses of natural areas.

Restoration ecology

We provide scientific support to environmental projects focused on the reclamation, remediation, rehabilitation and/or restoration of habitats and ecosystems that have been degraded, damaged or destroyed by human activities.


This is the study of i) adverse effects of chemicals, produced, concentrated or released through human activities, upon native fauna and flora and biological communities and ecosystems, as well as ii) the processes and factors affecting the presence, transport, transformation and breakdown of anthropogenic chemicals in the terrestrial, aquatic and atmospheric environments. Our services within this area include:

Biomonitoring of populations, communities and ecosystems

We identify and evaluate chemicals in both biological samples (tissues, organs and non-invasive samples) and abiotic environmental matrices (soils, sediments, water and air).

Environmental Risk Assessments (ERAs)

We design studies to evaluate and/or predict the real and/or potential health effects of environmental contaminants on animal populations (both wildlife and domestic), vegetation and ecosystems.

Wildlife toxicology

We study the exposure to- and effects from environmental pollution on wildlife health.

Toxicología clínica

We evaluate and diagnose health problems caused by exposure to pollutants and poisons in both wildlife and domestic animal populations.

Food safety (Food toxicology)

We measure contaminating chemicals in human and animal food products and determine their suitability for consumption in accordance with the existing legislation.

Phytotoxicity studies and assays

We study the exposure of vegetation to chemical agents and effects on their growth and biological function.

Management of laboratory analyses

Azeral Environmental Sciences experts collaborate with quality assured Chemistry, Physiology, Ecotoxicology and Toxicology laboratories, to provide analytical support for biotic (biological samples) and abiotic (soil, air, water) samples. We specialize in assessing biomarkers of exposure, effects and susceptibility to chemical contaminants and other environmental and anthropogenic stressors.



Divulgazeral is a window open to the multidisciplinary world of Environmental Sciences, through which we disseminate a wide variety of interesting information on Azeral’s strategic lines of work. Our articles, written in simple and readable language, offer a platform for communication and divulgation as a tool to bring Environmental Sciences to the general public.

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