Azzuro, Inc.

Azzuro, Inc.

Azzuro, Inc. is efficient treatment of odorous air at municipal wastewater plants and industrial sites. We offer the most efficient and environmentally responsible products and solutions which is not only good for our customers, it’s good for the environment too. Azzuro are credited with advancing the technology of using biology to effectively remove odorous compounds in the air.

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PO Box 27590 , Scottsdale , Arizona 85255-0143 USA
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Air Pollution Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

  • Constant research and development by the same team advanced the performance of biological air scrubbers to the point that they have now become the industry's standard.
  • Our experience is unmatched and is the result of many years of dedication to the municipal and industrial markets with over 300 installations worldwide.
  • Building on the biological revolution, Azzuro has implemented significant process and performance improvements to provide the best odor removal technology in the world.

At Azzuro we know that good companies start with good people and a good product.

Our people thrive in a challenging and rewarding environment where we are all dedicated to do our part to make this world a better place and to serve you the way we would want to be served: expecting nothing but the best (odor) treatment!

We enjoy what we do, and it shows!

Our mission is to be recognized as the best odor control company and the market leader of innovations and solutions that have the least impact on our environment.

Azzuro ... Innovative air treatment that matters!

Again, Azzuro has set the new standard in odor control with its new series of High Performance Bioreactors, especially designed to remove odor and reduce H2S.

Our pre-engineered, modular design allows ease of installation with consistent and reproducible performance. The top and bottom sections are all identical, as are the media sections. Each media section has a predetermined capacity. Stacked together they will always achieve the required removal efficiency.

Azzuro's Product offering:

  • Puretta: offering 2-stage odor treatment in one small reactor. Perfect for lift stations;
  • Torrenta - model TR 22: treats up to 5,000 cfm in a single 8' diameter vessel;
  • Torrenta - model TR 36: treats up to 10,000 cfm in a single 12' diameter vessel;
  • Torrenta - model TR 100: treats up to 15,000 cfm in a single 12' diameter vessel.

Thanks to our product development and excellent know-how we have made biological reactors much broader applicable than they used to.

Our units can operate at a much lower pH than ever before. We can resolve chlorinated hydrocarbons and can even handle temperatures of well over 120 °F (but our systems perform just as well under cold conditions).

Our Solutions

  • Our products are robust, economical and safe! We operate under ambient pressure and ambient temperatures, without hazardous chemicals or hazardous biology.
  • It has been proven that we are able to eliminate toxic and explosive compounds in gas streams without the need for additional safety requirements.
  • We have experience in compounds such as: highly explosive and toxic CS2 and also random compounds like BTEX, hydrocarbons, ammonia and organic sulfur.