B9 Organic Energy Limited

B9 Organic Energy Limited

B9 Organic Energy Limited

B9 Organic Energy has evolved from the B9 family and has been set up specifically to develop the vast reserves of renewable energy embedded in organic matter. This organic matter is more commonly known as organic waste, and the energy potential can be harnessed using a natural process called Anaerobic Digestion. This process is the action of naturally occurring bacteria breaking down the organic material and turning it into biogas (methane), which can be used for generation of electrical power or vehicle fuel.

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21 Point Street , Larne , County Antrim BT40 1HY United Kingdom
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Service provider
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Renewable Energy
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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B9 Organic Energy Ltd is a renewable energy project developer, offering an efficient, sustainable and environmentally-friendly method of recovering and utilising organic waste to create renewable energy.

B9’s knowledge and history in the renewable energy sector, shows that we have vast experience in funding, licensing, project development, together with the ability to remain technology-independent ensures we select the best technology available for the particular waste stream identified. This enables us to work with our clients/partners throughout the design stage to provide the right solution to their waste and energy needs.

B9 can also partner with companies on a project-by-project basis to ensure that our experience helps to develop an environmentally and financially sound project, while also ensuring that the specific needs of the client/partnering company (such as waste diversion, or renewable energy in the form of electricity and heat) are met. We provide the necessary skills at each stage of the development process, including –

  • Project Initiation and Planning Phase
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Site / Lease Agreements
  • Feedstock analysis and energy verification
  • Product Utilisation
  • Grid & Utilities Connections
  • Power Purchase Agreements & Renewable Obligation Certificates
  • Technology Appraisals & Evaluation
  • Finance

The Company has researched, invested and created partnerships in order to produce renewable energy by:

  1. Developing and managing the financing of enhanced anaerobic digestion facilities in the UK and internationally;
  2. Building, owning and operating enhanced anaerobic digestion facilities;
  3. Appraising renewable energy technologies on the market for optimum technical efficiency and bankability;
  4. Installing and managing infrastructure to develop landfill gas to power;
  5. Clean-up and compression of the landfill gas/biogas for use as a vehicle fuel.

Landfill gas is mainly composed of methane and carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide has a global warming potential of 1 but methane has a global warming potential of 21 so allowing the landfill gas to simply vent into the atmosphere is not acceptable.

The EU Landfill Directive requires that landfill gas be collected from all sites receiving biodegradable waste, and that this gas must be treated.  If the gas cannot be used to produce energy, it must be flared.

B9 Organic Energy and sister companies B9 Power Ltd and Drumanakelly Generation Limited have worked with local authorities and other landfill owners to develop a number of landfill gas to power projects in Ireland.

Anaerobic Digestion is the process in which micro-organisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. This degradation is a natural process except in a biogas plant where it occurs under controlled conditions.

The desired product of this process is the biogas, which is a mixture of methane and carbon dioxide, and is the renewable fuel which is utilised in an CHP engine to produce electricity and heat. The biogas can also be further treated to produce biomethane for use in the natural gas grid, or alternatively as a fuel for transportation. The other product is digestate, which is a desirable resource with high levels of nutrients (N,P & K) and can be seen as an organic fertiliser.

Industrial AD Developments

B9 have a wealth of experience in developing large scale industrial developments which are used to treat wastes such as animal by-products, food processing waste, out of date foodstuffs, as well as specific industrial wastes such as dairies, bakeries, distilleries, etc. These processes can be onsite developments to provide the industry with heat and power, or independent processes where all forms of organic waste are treated.

B9 are interested in working with people who may have suitable sites and waste streams, so please contact out office if you would like us to carry out a feasibility assessment.

Agricultural AD Developments

B9 are also working with the agricultural community to develop smaller on-farm solutions. These systems will be fed with slurries arising on the farm, as well other crops such as grass and maize silage. These developments may be carried out with individual farmers, or groups of farmers, whichever is more suitable to the development.

B9 are interested in working with people who may have suitable sites and waste streams, so please contact out office if you would like us to carry out a feasibility assessment.