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  • Flue Gas Cleaning

  • Scrubber Systems

    Scrubber Systems

    Our first scrubber systems went into operation in 1988. Since then we have delivered a great many, chiefly for cleaning and/or condensing flue gases generated by the incineration of waste. Combining several process stages in our patented multi-stage scrubbers reduces space requirements, and our integrated circulation tanks minimize energy consumption in the pump system.

  • Baghouse Filter Systems

    Baghouse Filter Systems

    We have installed baghouse filter systems in installations for the incineration of both municipal and environmentally hazardous waste in biofuel-fired installations and applications within the mining industry. The primary purpose of baghouse filter systems is usually the removal of dust and, by introducing an additive, the removal of acidic components such as HCl, HF and SO2. Dioxin and mercury can be removed by the addition of activated...

  • MERCOX - Mercury Removal System

    MERCOX - Mercury Removal System

    Mercury is often emitted from thermal treatment installations during brief periods creating extremely high mercury concentration spikes in untreated flue gases. Many traditional flue gas cleaning systems have limited buffer capacity, which means such concentrations cannot be reduced as much as desired. In such cases, or in applications in which the mercury content in untreated flue gas is usually high, the MERCOX process is an effective cleaning...

  • CUTNOX - Waste to Energy Plant

    CUTNOX - Waste to Energy Plant

    We can provide CUTNOX for the reduction of NOx products from incinerator processes as stand-alone units for installation in existing or new furnaces. We offer SCR primarily as an integrated part of a complete flue gas cleaning system.