BARANI DESIGN is specialized in precise and reliable atmospheric measurement. Sensors are visually unique and of high quality, earning high scores in sensor comparison studies. Sensors are designed for ease of use and interchangeability for onsite service. They are used in Meteorology & Climatology, Wind Energy, Aviation Systems, Road Weather Information Systems, Marine Systems, Hydrology, Solar Systems and Industrial Systems. Reach your Gold Standard of measurement with BARANI sensors & solutions. ISO:9001 certified quality & production. In the sensor business since 2008. Your source for sensors, complete measurement systems and AWS weather stations. Differentiate yourself from the competition with BARANI sensors & systems.

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Brectanova 1 , Bratislava , SK - SLOVENSKO 83101 Slovakia
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Meteorological Monitoring
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

MeteoHelix IoT weather sensor in professional and home versions

Get your hands around research grade accuracy in air temperature & humidity with MeteoHelix Smart City weather sensor. For forward-thinkers & businesses around the world.

  • Accurate: Double-helix protection & precision.
  • Maintenance free: Solar powered, no cleaning required!
  • One year of prepaid data included: SigFox data reliability with automatic data logging.

solar shield for temperature sensor

  • GOLD CLASS performance solar radiation shield.
  • MeteoShield is the best platform for measuring air temperature.
  • It is for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

Patented radiation shield design creates vortex flow (similar to a mini tornado) which ventilates without a fan using just its helical shape. Advanced aerodynamic design techniques from the aerospace industry enable this highly compact design to achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy. Independent test results confirmed a 0.06°C deviation against the Stevenson screen shelter, which is an excellent result for such a compact device.

It offers the following benefits:

  • Very low heat rise due to vortex flow
  • Fast response due to high ventilation rate
  • Highly accurate humidity measurement
  • Exceptional water shedding
  • Significant reduction in sensor dirt buildup
  • Protection from sensor icing
  • Meets marine environment requirements

Unique Double Helix Shape:

  • Provides 360 degrees of protection for the sensor
  • Prevents entry of direct and reflected sunlight at any time of the day, sunrise or sunset
  • Protects sensor from sand, dirt, water & icing in all environments
  • Significantly reduces sensor frost and icing in extreme winter climates


  • Hydrophobic UV resistant material minimizes dirt buildup and promotes water shedding, thus securing long-term stability, durability and quality for your measurements
  • Universal sensor mounting for sensors up to Ø18mm
  • Easy bottom mounting with white stainless steel universal mount (top mount version also available)


The only combined anemometer and direction vane on the market that complies with MEASNET linearity requirements. Its best in class performance ratings and optimal dynamic performance exceeds most top of the line stand-alone anemometers and wind vanes.

It offers the following benefits:

- High accuracy

- Small distance constant

- Minimal deviation from cosine line

- Low start up value

- Excellent behaviour to turbulences

- Low power consumption

- Minimum overspeeding

- Digital RS485 MODBUS RTU & ASCII output

- Highest Class 5A resistance to EMC = no data loss

The patented elliptical cup design is a result of dynamic and aerodynamic optimization from our extensive experience in the aerospace industry. It introduces a new level of performace to cup anemometers thanks to its high area-to-inertia ratio rotor. Its optimized labyrinth bearing holder requires very low maintenance. The sensor is designed to measure horizontal wind velocity in the fields of meteorology, wind energy assessment and climate research.

For winter operation this anemometer and wind vane is equipped with a 25W automatic heater to prevent icing.

Advanced Features

- Elliptical cups for superb linearity and accuracy

- Low inertia rotor for low start speed and minimal overspeeding

- Cup shape minimizes snow & ice buildup in winter

- Class 5A lightning protection provides highest available level of reliability

- Universal bayonet connector for easy installation and maintenance featuring NBR rubber o-rings for reliable operation from -40°C to 80°C

- Simple setup and integration featuring unified RS-485 MODBUS (ASCII & RTU) communication protocol common to all BARANI sensors

- Single screw easy universal mounting bracket