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It’s more than just an accurate forecast. It’s the difference between knowing what might be headed your way and knowing precisely what comes next. Critical Weather Intelligence is insightful, decisive—and it can be the difference between life and death. At Baron, our mission is simple: ensuring that every citizen, every nation, every business, and every family are protected by Critical Weather Intelligence. When Bob Baron came home from work on November 15,1989, it was with a heavy heart. As a television meteorologist, he had spent a long, grueling day trying to warn his friends, family, and fellow citizens about a deadly tornado outbreak—one that would ultimately ravage their community, and claim the lives of 21 of his neighbors. Bob and his team had done everything they could to save those people; it was the technology that failed them.

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4930 Research Drive , Huntsville , 35805 Alabama USA

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Monitoring and Testing - Meteorological Monitoring
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Globally (various continents)

That day would change Bob Baron—and, ultimately, the entire weather industry—forever. Because that was the day Bob dedicated his life to saving countless others through better technology. Since then, the Baron story has been one of constant innovation; a never-ending quest to advance and refine the systems we all count on to keep us safe from severe weather.

Since Baron’s founding in 1990, the nucleus of our mission has always been providing the most accurate, most precise localized forecast of severe weather events. And over the past two decades, we’ve also led the way in the development of Doppler radar, weather data analysis and distribution technologies, localized weather alert protocols, and integrated weather systems for automakers, commercial aircraft, the National Weather Service, and international governments. Today, our state-of-the-art, tornado-hardened headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama provides meteorological data processing for companies, governments, and people all over the world.