BARR Plastics Inc.

BARR Plastics Inc.

BARR Plastics is a 45 year old family-run firm located in Abbotsford, BC, Canada and is known throughout North America as a prominent, innovative provider and custom fabricator of Plastic Tanks and Liquid Handling Systems for a broad range of environment-enhancing applications, related to the best handling of water, wastewater, rainwater and chemical solutions. BARR’s broad range of product lines and services include: Plastic Tanks & Liquid Handling Systems, Materials Handling Bins & Totes, Dock Building Components, Rain Harvesting Systems, Septic & Wastewater Systems, Custom Plastic Fabrication & Welding, Spill Control & Dispensing, De-Icing & Dust Control. BARR is the Canadian National Distributor for GRAF Rainwater Harvesting and waste water treatment systems.

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Unit A 31192 South Fraser Way , Abbotsford , V2T 6L5 British Co Canada
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Water and Wastewater
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Regionally (various states or provinces)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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A family run corporation established in 1968, BARR is a key supplier of the top brands of Plastic Tanks and Containers in North America since 1985, with other Core Product Lines as follows: BARR is an established Master Distributor of NORWESCO, SNYDER, ACE ROTO-MOLD, GRAF, ZCL, RAIN HARVESTING and LEADER Products, Packager and Custom Fabricator of a wide variety of Plastic and Fiberglass Tanks, Containers and Liquid Handling Systems with a broad complement of accessory Liquid and Bulk Material Handling Products such as Wastewater, Water and Chemical Pumps, Hose, Pipe and Hose Fittings, Valves and other Liquid Handling Accessories. Skidded Transport and Hauling Tanker Systems, and water handling systems with integrated pumping, spraying and delivery systems for water spraying, de-icing, anti-icing and dust control. BARR is a key Supplier of Baffle Balls or Liquid Surge Stabilizers which fit inside all types of transport tanks to control liquid surge or sloshing that occurs when starting, stopping or turning a tanker truck.

BARR is well regarded for its Custom Plastic Fabrication and Welding Division located between Vancouver BC CANADA and Seattle WA USA. BARR is a sought after fabricator of custom plastic tanks, containers and other air and liquid handling fixtures and vessels for a variety of applications such as water and wastewater holding reservoirs for boats,Yachts, fire truck foam and water holding vessels, service truck tanks, fume scrubbing and extraction, water and wastewater treatment systems, clarifiers, hoppers, process, chemical & dip tanks, containment trays, and pure water storage vessels.

BARR Plastics represents these leading manufacturers' products:

  • NORWESCO Roto-Molded poly storage, septic, transport and utility tanks and valves, pipe & hose fittings and camlocks. CANADIAN MASTER DISTRIBUTOR
  • GRAF RAINWATER HARVESTING and Wastewater and Stormwater storage and handling systems. CANADIAN MASTER DISTRIBUTOR
  • ACE ROTO-MOLD tanks for water, beverage and chemical storage, septic systems, cisterns and Dock Floats. CANADIAN MASTER DISTRIBUTOR
  • SNYDER INDUSTRIES Industrial Plastic Tanks, Bulk Storage Containers and IBC’s for hazardous materials transportation, single and double-wall industrial chemical storage and HD plastic Dominator septic tanks. CANADIAN MASTER DISTRIBUTOR
  • ZCL –XERXES fiberglass below ground tanks for septic, potable water, fire suppression, rainwater, grease traps, oil separators and sewage and wastewater treatment
  • RAIN HARVESTING First Flush Diverters, Rainwater Filters and other Rainwater Harvesting System Accessories. CANADIAN MASTER DISTRIBUTOR
  • MYERS Sump & Drainage, Wastewater Effluent and Sewage handling Pumps
  • LEADER water, rainwater and irrigation pressure pumps and on-demand booster pumps
  • BANJO Corporation - fiberglass-reinforced industrial plastic valves, strainers, hose and pipe fittings, flange manifold fittings and camlock or quick connect fittings
  • PROMENS / SAEPLAST Plastic Materials Handling Totes, Bins, and Containers. Single wall and double-wall Insulated containers for fishing, seafood, meat, poultry, frozen food, dry ice, food processing, live bait and industrial markets. CANADIAN MASTER DISTRIBUTOR
  • BONAR poly materials handling totes, bins and containers and Hopper Bottom Bins
  • BUCKHORN Canada - returnable, re-useable plastic bulk materials handling products in the form of pallets, bulk boxes, totes, trays and recycling containers
  • MACRO BINS - agricultural bins by MACRO PLASTICS for harvesting, shipping and storing fruits and vegetables and various industrial bin and materials handling applications.
  • SJE-RHOMBUS float switches, Pump Control Panels, Alarm Boxes
  • POLYLOK, Inc. – On-Site Wastewater and Drainage products: Risers, Lids & Grates, D-Boxes, Effluent Filters, Charcoal Filters, Extend & Lok Adapters, Drain & Valve Boxes, Sumps, Catch Basins and Pump Chambers
  • BIONEST Wastewater and Sewage Treatment Systems
  • ENPAC Spill Prevention, Containment, and Control products, Absorbent Pads, Socks & Booms, Spill Pallets, Drum huts, Dollies, Racks, Stackers & Dispensing aids. MASTER DISTRIBUTOR
  • KOWABUNGA Drum Fittings, Adapters, Nozzles and Dispensing Aids

BARR is leading the way with its new and innovative offering of Rain Harvesting components and systems from Rain Barrels to large above and below ground Rainwater Collection Systems, Holding Tanks and filtering and cleaning devices.

BARR’s bulk material handling products: plastic Totes, Bins and Containers for efficient storage, shipping and handling of bulk material and parts.

BARR is a Distributor of SEPTIC SYSTEM COMPONENTS, Above and Below Ground WASTEWATER TREATMENT, and Sewage Holding Tanks, Septic System Piping, Fittings, Drain Field Chambers, Grommets and Seals, Lids, and Modular Pump Chambers. Variety of complete pre-packaged Simplex and Duplex Pump Chambers, Lift Stations and Wet Wells.

BARR’s DOCK COMPONENTS DIVISION is a full line supply center for Dock Building Contractors, Marina and Resort Developers, Marina Owners and Operators and Do-It-Yourself Cottage and Residential Dock Builders supplying Foam-filled Plastic Dock Floats, Dock Frame Hardware, Cushions and Bumpers, Mooring, Marker & Regulatory Buoys, Up & Out and Aluminum Ladders, PWC docks, Eaton Power products, Dock Kits, Galvanized Steel Dock Frames and much more.

BARR handles a full line of ENPAC Oil and Chemical Spill Containment, Cleanup and Drum Handling and Dispensing products.

BARR is a leader in the development and manufacturing of BRINE MAKERS and SALT BRINE Production, Handling, and Application Equipment available for use in Highway, Road, and Parking Lot DE-ICING, ANTI-ICING & DUST CONTROL activities.