Battery Broker Environmental Services is one of the few single stream transfer stations in Ontario dedicated to recycling batteries. Our main purpose is the safe transportation, handling and recycling of waste batteries.

Company details

11 Tupper Avenue , Etobicoke , Ontario M8Z 5H5 Canada

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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Waste and Recycling - Material Recycling
Market Focus:
Regionally (various states or provinces)
Year Founded:

In 2007, Ron Bebee passed away. His passing left a hole in our business that has been a challenge to fill. His children have risen to the challenge and are the new directors at Battery Broker .

They, like their father before them, are hands on in all facets of the business.

Mission Statement:

  • To safely transport, sort and recycle waste batteries from residential, commercial and industrial sites within Ontario, ensuring diversion from landfill sites.
  • To work with the Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Transportation and our customers for the purpose of ensuring the safe handling, transport, and recycling of waste batteries.
  • To provide our clients with information and education on the safe handling, storage and transportation of waste batteries.
  • To provide an efficient, cost effective service to our clients so that the process of recycling waste batteries and their diversion from landfill sites is manageable and maintainable.


Although a hazardous waste material, spent batteries can be safely stored and handled. The following provides some tips for the temporary storage, safe handling and delivery for recycling purposes.

We recommend that you do not keep waste batteries in a junk drawer or other storage area for an extended period of time.

The most common household battery is the Alkaline battery. These batteries are very safe to handle, however can become corrosive if the outside casing is compromised. We recommend you transport and dispose of these batteries using a resealable bag or baggie, or small cardboard box.

Rechargeable batteries (lithium, nickel metal, nickel cadmium) which look quite similar to Alkaline batteries should also be transported as noted above.

Rechargeable batteries, such as a laptop battery or power drill battery which are contained in a plastic casing should have the metallic terminal taped to ensure no connection can be made with other metallic substances.
In all instances where the plastic casing is cracked, broken or the interior battery has been exposed the battery should be placed in a plastic bag for safe recycling.

The battery pictured is a terminal battery. These batteries come in varying sizes. It is important that all batteries where both the positive and negative terminal is found on the same end that both terminals be separately taped before putting them in any recycling bin.

Button cell batteries are commonly found in remote controls, watches, cameras, etc… These batteries should be wrapped in clear tape to ensure their safe transportation and disposal. They can be taped individually or as above in bulk.

Cell phone batteries that have been removed from their cell phone should have their terminal taped to ensure safe transportation and storage. Remember, Battery Broker collects used cell phones for the Toronto Zoo, Phone Apes program. For more information please reference the Programs Section of our website.