Bauer Energy Design Inc. Services Licensing of innovative patents and processes for water treatment.Through our patented process, the Bauer Water System is a highly-efficient Nanobubble Generator that relies on nothing but the movement of water to supply an abundant amount of nanobubbles. No other system can generate the abundance of long-lasting nanobubbles necessary to consistently prevent the formation of biofilm and facilitate the removal of microscopic contaminants like the Bauer Water System.

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139 Louisa Street , Baden , Ontario N3A 2T8 Canada

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Bauer Energy Design Inc. Services

  • Licensing of innovative patents and processes for water treatment

Current reference projects

  • Bauer Energy Design Patented Water Treatment Systems for Farms
  • Advanced Vapor Technologies, LLC water treatment for dry steam vapor known as TANCS
  • Specialty water treatment oxygen applications for Waste Water Treatment.
  • Currently designing new Water Filtrations Systems, several large corporations.

Bauer Energy Design Inc. unique technologies

  • Control and elimination of iron bacteria in water systems
  • Control and elimination of biofilm in water systems
  • Control of scaling and corrosion in water systems
  • Advanced filtration technologies for water systems
  • Advanced chemical treatment systems for water systems
  • Advanced UV disinfection for water systems
  • Dissolved bonded oxygen technology for complete utilization of liquid oxygen
  • Remediation of lagoons, ponds, lakes and waste water effluent

Bauer Energy Design Inc. distributes the following products

  • Bauer Energy Design Inc. Nanobubble Generator NSF 61 approved from 20 to 1500 mm in diameter custom engineered and built to its unique proprietary specifications.
  • Licenses of Patents for various applications
  • Direct sale of products on a DISTRIBUTOR/OEM basis
  • Consulting Engineering Contracts