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  • Remediation Technology

  • BAUER - Plant Operation and Maintenance

    BAUER - Plant Operation and Maintenance

    BAUER Environment Group treatment plants and our staff operate Europe-wide. Process visualisation and alarm systems help us to plan maintenance works efficiently. In addition we achieve a high plant availability. Experienced service technicians are on site with completely equipped service vehicles in case of malfunction.

  • BAUER - Soil Vapour Extraction / Air Sparging Services

    BAUER - Soil Vapour Extraction / Air Sparging Services

    For the remediation of unsaturated soil, soil vapour extraction, sometimes in combination with air sparging and bio-venting is used. For treatment of the exhaust-air, we use activated carbon filter, catalytic oxidation and bio filters of our own production. Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE) technique is particularly suitable for the remediation of contamination involving volatile substances. BAUER Umwelt offers its clients appropriate plants and...

  • BAUER - In-Situ Remediation Technologies

    BAUER - In-Situ Remediation Technologies

    In-situ techniques are used alone or in addition to pump-and-treat and soil-vapour methods in order to sustainably reduce the remediation time. With thermal techniques, such as thermo-stripping, steam injection and hot-water-flushing long lasting remediation success was achieved in several projects within a few weeks and months.

  • BAUER - Funnel and Gate Systems

    BAUER - Funnel and Gate Systems

    For Funnel-and-Gate systems, funnel-shaped cut-off walls (so called funnels) are constructed, directing the contaminated groundwater to a gate. The groundwater is then treated by e.g. activated carbon or bio reactors. The water flows through the gate in natural gradients, i.e. passively, without pumping. After purification, the water is then released back into the downstream groundwater aquifer after the gate.

  • BAUER - Constructed Wetlands Services

    BAUER - Constructed Wetlands Services

    Waste water, sewage and sediment sludges from municipal utilities and industrial and commercial uses requires treatment which can be effected by biological means.

  • BAUER Water

  • Drinking Water

    Drinking Water

    Clean drinking water is a fundamental aspect of hygiene, and is essential to healthy living. However, clean drinking water is in short supply – or indeed virtually unavailable – in many of the world's countries. In the industrialized nations, too, the general environmental debate of recent decades has focused more and more on issues linked to water, including an increasing scepticism in relation to the chemicals contained in drinking...

  • Process Water

    Process Water

    Process water must meet different quality criteria depending on the specific industrial application concerned. Low electrical conductivity, zero oxygen content and softness are some characteristics of process water. As the process water required is usually obtained from groundwater or mains water, it must be treated appropriately before being fed into boilers, used for cooling, turned into ultra-pure water or used in the manufacture of products....

  • Industrial Wastewater

    Industrial Wastewater

    Water needed to operate industrial plants cannot be simply extracted from clean sources, polluted by processing and then disposed of in sewage plants. This method is too expensive, and is the wrong approach in ecological terms – a fact long overlooked during the era of industrialization.

  • Produced Water

    Produced Water

    Produced water refers to water produced in the oil and gas industry in the course of extraction operations. Produced water contains impurities due to hydrocarbons and mineral substances, as well as heavy metals too in some cases, which occur in oil and gas reservoirs. Produced water is industrial waste – and in part also a recyclable raw material – which has to be treated and cleaned before being disposed of or re-used.

  • Deep Drilling Solutions

  • Consulting, Planning And Supervision

    Consulting, Planning And Supervision

    Feasibility studies. Consulting for subsidies. Executing mining law permit procedures. Invitation to tender. Establishing technical specifications. Awarding. Drill monitoring and construction supervision.

  • Well Site

    Well Site

    Planning of well site. Construction of well site. Stove pipe drilling. Aquifer tests. Design and operation of dewatering and drainage systems.

  • Deep Drilling

    Deep Drilling

    Drilling of wells up to 5.000 m. Borehole diameters up to 36 inches. Mud service and disposal. Supply of completion materials.

  • Additional Scope

    Additional Scope

    Water purification. Water cooling. Draining of process water. Borehole geophysics.

  • Exploration & Mining Services

  • Bulk Sampling

    Bulk Sampling

    Equipment: BAUER BG 28 H Kelly Rotary Drilling. Scope of work: Exploration of phosphate deposits Diameter of 780 mm Depth 72 m. Location: Northern Territory Australia. Geology: Very strong granite with UCS up to 100 MPa and apatite rare earths.

  • Exploration


    Equipment: BAUER BG 36 R/C Drilling. Scope of work: Exploration of kimberlite deposits Diameter of 1,200 mm Depth 360 m. Location: Fort a la Corne region in Saskatoon, Canada. Geology: Kimberlite of an average thickness of 88 m underneath 90 metres of glacial overburden.

  • Mining


    Equipment: BAUER HPRC System. Scope of work: Design, manufacturing and testing of HPRC System. In cooperation with BAUER Maschinen GmbH and AREVA Resources Canada Inc., Bauer Resources developed the High Pressure Reverse Circulation (HPRC) system in order to be able to mine high grade uranium deposits which are too small to be mined with an open pit or an underground operation.Location: McClean Lake Saskatchewan, Canada. Geology: Mining of high...

  • Water Well Drilling

    Water Well Drilling

    Equipment: Prakla RB 50 R/C Drilling. Scope of work: Drilling, formation sampling, geophysical logging, completion, development and test pumping of fifty-five (55) production wells with a minimum depth of 500 m and a maximum total depth of 600 m. Drilling, formation sampling, coring, geophysical logging, completion, development and testing of nine (9) piezometer wells with a minimum depth of 400 m and a maximum total depth of 440 m. Installation of...

  • Mine Development

    Mine Development

    Equipment: BAUER BG 36 with Kelly Rotary Drilling. Scope of work: Passive vertical drain (PVD) wells for a copper mine. Drilling passive vertical drain (PVD) wells for the Highland Valley Copper Mine. Number of PVDs drilled: 27. Drilling depth: 85 -114.5 m. Drilling diameter: 1.20 m. Drilling method: Kelly drilling using extensions for depth > 72 m, borehole cased from 0 - 30 m, in greater depth borehole supported with additives. Location: British...

  • Shale Gas Drilling

    Shale Gas Drilling

    Equipment: Mining Rig G 750 direct mud drilling and wire line coring. Scope of work: 3 shale gas exploration drillings for Shell from app. 800 m to app. 950 m depth. Diameter at surface 17 W, diameter after final depth 6 Va*. Destructive drilling to top shale deposit, afterwards wire line coring section of app. 200 m with triple core barrel 6 Va* x 95 mm.

  • Landfield Restoration

  • Gasworks Remediation

    Gasworks Remediation

    Remediation of former Gasworks is a part of our daily business. Whether by soil replacement boring or conventional soil replacement techniques, far more than twenty sites have been successfully rehabilitated by BAUER Umwelt in the recent years.

  • Industrial Sites

    Industrial Sites

    Remediation solutions for industrial sites have to be individually designed with respect to the remediation method as well as to the waste disposal concept. With our wide range of available technologies, we have an ideal solution for every challenge.

  • Military Sites

    Military Sites

    Military sites are often characterized by diverse range of pollutants. The spectrum of toxic substances ranges from total petroleum hydrocarbons and BTEX from fuel depots to heavy metals from ammunition, unexploded ordinances and ammunition itself. An individually designed approach and thorough execution is essential for sites of this kind.

  • On-site Remediation

    On-site Remediation

    Contrary to off-site treatment, on-site or in-situ measures require only local or no transportation of contaminated material. Logistics and costs are reduced. Furthermore, the cleaned material can be re-used for backfilling on-site - no disposal costs are incurred and no unpolluted material for backfilling needs to be imported. Biological on-site treatment involves stimulation of biodegradation of pollutants in biopiles or bioreactors through aeration...

  • Site Containment – Site Safeguarding

  • Replacement Borings

    Replacement Borings

    If conventional excavation is not possible, e.g. when emissions are to be minimized, the contamination source is at greater depths or close to adjoining buildings which face the risk of settlement, the boring method is used.

  • Honeycomb Excavation

    Honeycomb Excavation

    Honeycomb excavation presents yet another alternative to the conventional excavation.

  • Mixed-In-Place / Cutter Soil Mixing

    Mixed-In-Place / Cutter Soil Mixing

    The term mixed-in-place (MIP) describes the process of mixing the existing soil and a binder suspension in-situ. Sealing elements such as cut-off walls can be produced this way. The method can also be used to immobilise contaminants in-situ – thus avoiding the necessity of excavation of the contaminated material. The Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM - method) uses a modified milling technology in order to in-situ mix binder suspension with natural...

  • Selective Dismantling of Industrial Infrastructure

  • Industrial Sites

    Industrial Sites

    We are specialised in the disassembly and demolition of industrial sites using recycling concepts, often combined with decontamination of building parts and equipment, and subsequent remediation of the subsoil. The scope of work includes e.g. dismantling of chimneys with explosives, targeted removal of asbestos contamination or building components contaminated by heavy metals and PAH.

  • Infrastructure Construction

    Infrastructure Construction

    We dismantle steel structures - such as the Schnettker motorway bridge near Dortmund - or tanks and pipelines.

  • Nuclear Sites

    Nuclear Sites

    As a consequence of German nuclear energy phase-out, nuclear sites present a new challenge for environmental technology. BAUER Umwelt, in close cooperation with its clients, has gained valuable experience in disassembly and remediation of former nuclear sites through several projects.

  • Asbestos Contaminated Structures

    Asbestos Contaminated Structures

    For decades, asbestos was used for heat and sound insulation in buildings and in industrial plant construction. Demolition of buildings and/or substances contaminated with asbestos are dangerous tasks, which can affect the employees and their immediate surroundings.

  • Disposal Services

  • Waste Management Service

    Waste Management Service

    As the owner and operator of various plants for treatment of soil and waste, our particular strength lies in the disposal of mineral waste. Furthermore, as a waste disposal service provider, BAUER Umwelt offers its clients a comprehensive range of services in management, logistics and disposal of specific waste streams in Germany and internationally.

  • Soil and Waste Treatment Centres

    Soil and Waste Treatment Centres

    BAUER Umwelt owns and operates four soil and waste treatment plants for the treatment of contaminated soils and other materials with a total capacity of approx. 440.000 tons a year. Our plants are in Hirschfeld (Saxony), Bleicherode (Thuringia), Schrobenhausen (Bavaria) and Hamburg.

  • Brownfield Remediation

  • BAUER - Construction of New Landfills

    BAUER - Construction of New Landfills

    BAUER Umwelt develops landfill concepts and constructs them according to the appropriate technical standards. Besides manufacturing the underground sealing in accordance with the site-specific requirements and installing the landfill infrastructure appropriate for its use, we also carry out everything from backfilling to the landfill closure within Build-Operate-Transfer models.

  • BAUER - Landfill Relocation Services

    BAUER - Landfill Relocation Services

    BAUER Umwelt performs relocations of old landfills in a qualified and professional manner. For this purpose, BAUER Umwelt develops site and material specific logistics concepts in accordance with all standards of the emission control and occupational health and safety and implements them. The range of services extends up to relocation of hazardous substance landfills of all categories.

  • BAUER - Landfill Securing Services

    BAUER - Landfill Securing Services

    BAUER Umwelt secures old landfills and implements landfill closure concepts. The range of services extends from cut-off walls barriers and subsequent construction of sealing layers up to the recultivation of the landfill’s surface.

  • BAUER - Leachate Remediation Services

    BAUER - Leachate Remediation Services

    BAUER Umwelt designs, builds and operates leachate treatment plants. The range of services also includes construction and installation of systems for collection of leachate, thus providing complex services from just one source.