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  • BayFilter - Cartridge System

    BayFilter - Cartridge System

    BaySaver’s BayFilter cartridge system is the most efficient and effective stormwater filter on the market. Its innovative design was engineered to permanently remove pollutants of concern and keep them from entering the public waterways. It is a highly engineered product that is designed to be both effective and economical.

  • BaySeparator - Seminal Stormwater Treatment Unit

    BaySeparator - Seminal Stormwater Treatment Unit

    BaySaver’s BaySeparator, our seminal stormwater treatment unit, is a highly effective method of stormwater protection. This patented three path system was designed to remove over 80% of TSS, using density differences and gravity to remove suspended solids and floatables from stormwater runoff, and keep it from entering our waterways. It is proven technology that is essential and easy to install.