BCD Electro, Inc.

BCD Electro, Inc.

BCD Electro offers recycling services for all kinds of electronic products. They properly dispose of waste electrical and electronic equipment to better protect the environment. Since 1979, BCD has provided professional, responsive service. We offer businesses solutions to their tech recycling needs. We understand the complex nature of IT disposal well and we bring original equipment manufacturers and businesses large and small the best value for their material. We bring years of experience to the process that lets us protect your data, while maintaining a highly environmentally ethical system that safely and easily suits your needs. We break machines down by component and connect useful materials and spare parts to companies and individuals who will reuse them.

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2525 W. Commerce , Dallas , Texas 75212 USA
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Service provider
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Waste Management
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Nationally (across the country)
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We are a technology services provider who works specifically with companies who are disposing of IT equipment. Whether you're cleaning out a lost closet from decades ago, or selling the still functional PCs left over from your latest upgrade we employ environmentally conscious recycling industry processes to make our recycling methods recover more value for our clients. We're a group of professional individuals who have made it our mission to help combat the proliferation of electronic waste. We work with electronics of all types, and businesses of all sizes. We're certified with ISO 9000 and 14000 and have refined a lifecycle management program we call the BCD AdvantageSM, with a complete scope of services to solve the common disposal needs of businesses.

We reduce electronic waste through:

  • Reusing near end of life machine's components in operating systems that need replacements.
  • Remarketing components and full systems that are still in demand to generate more revenue
  • Breaking down obsolete electronics to core materials and recycling them into new products

We have our base facility located in the heart of Dallas Texas and we work with many local refiners for materials like steel and aluminum. We also work with partners in Europe and Latin America who help us ethically reuse and recycle electronics.
The best parts for our customers of the BCD AdvantageSM services are:

  • Complete control of data security and knowledge of ethical and environmentally safe recycling methods.
  • Component recovery and remarketing processes that earns more money for our clients than our competition.
  • We, track, certify and report back to you as your material moves through the process.

Our Outlook
Our staff comes in to our facility each day to work hard with the vision to become a leader in our industry. We've helped Dallas recover from electronic disposal problems before and as we move forward into the future we hope to prevent problems with innovative processes that combat electronic waste.

Our Mission

Our mission is to solve the problems of Electronic disposal and be widely recognized in the technology disposal industry as a leader for recycling solutions that businesses prefer the most.

Our Values

  • We want to create value for our customers and employees
  • We work to understand what our customers need and how we can help them better
  • We strive to maintain market leadership through innovation improvement wherever possible
  • We pursue continuous involvement with upgrading all elements of our practices
  • We seek to find new ways to improve the quality of products we give our customers
  • We run our business with strict ethics and champion principals of accountability, honesty and integrity
  • We create jobs for our community and provide services that make it stronger and healthier to live in

We work to match surplus inventory and electronic components to high tech manufacturing and other businesses in need. We also provide recycling services that surpass the demands of federal and local laws and offer them to businesses and federal agencies.

We are a services provider who offers an array of different technology solutions to clients from local small and medium sized Dallas & Ft. Worth businesses to Fortune 500 multinational corporations. We offer a unique process that champions a main objective, to allow companies to focus on their work rather than make sure left over equipment is disposed of and reclimed properly.

Our clients typically have obsolete or surplus technology assets that they need to reclaim. We work to deliver a scope of services that fill our clients' needs and create value with the old equipment that often times can pay for their services entirely.

When large or small companies need to mitigate the risks and capitalize on the benefits of recycling electronic waste, BCD electro can play the vital role in facilitating this process. Our process is set in place to allow for protection of intellectual property, and the public's perception through BCD AdvantageSM, a set of industry leading technology lifecycle management programs.

Over 400 customers worldwide have chosen us because of our dedication to the environment, our stellar services that get them the best return on their recyclable electronics, and the ease of scheduling and doing business with us. We have led in the reverse supply chain industry in Dallas since 1979 and those years of experience has given us an edge for our clients that none of our competition can match.

Early in the history of our company we recognized many repeated problems that tech businesses were facing. As technology progressed, many machines that contained toxic elements needed to be upgraded, and thrown out. They couldn't be disposed of with the regular garbage or recycling and they posed a greater threat to pollution than most modern products.

That's how the passions for maintaining proper disposal of electronic waste for healthy and clean water and air for our communities began. High turnover rates for electronics became a commonplace for the tech industries and waste was piling up, proper disposal was a real question mark for companies who wanted to keep costs low or see returns on their expensive infrastructure. In those early years when large arrays of electronics were becoming standard machines for businesses and individuals, our industry began.

Since then we've been working to be a single destination for electronic remarketing, recycling, and disposal needs.

Our Quality Policy

We certify with ISO 900 and 14000 each year and always try to further the ways we can improve our services for our customers. We seek to understand new ways that we can create value with electronic materials and protect our client's data. We accomplish this by allowing new ideas with strong merit to challenge any old policy or procedure, and it has served us well for over 30 years.

Our Environmental Policy

We strive to be a true steward of the environment. At the core of our business we implement strategies for reusing and recycling electronics, and through those methods work to protect the environment and limit as much waste as possible. Our environmental strategies are constantly upgraded as the industry and our abilities evolve. Our overall goals are:

  • Understand and help execute proper environmental requirements and laws set forth by federal, local and community laws, ordinances, and rules.
  • Prevent as much pollution as possible
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Improve our own environmental policies

Our industry has seen some tough times over the years. Initially the problems and pollution created by electronics did a lot of harm to many communities worldwide, but many efforts have help curtail unethical practices and pointed us on a path towards clean and functional procedures that clean up and recycle the mess at a low cost.

Over the last few decades many national, state and international laws and procedures have been put in place to help stop some of the cleanup before the product is even made with laws to help reduce toxic components in the first place. In other instances like batteries toxic elements are clear and new laws have been put in place to help share the burden of recycling these types of electronics. At any given time many state and local governments are considering e-waste legislative measures.

Other major directives include:

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive: BCD has an additional location serving businesses in Madrid, Spain and this European policy helped improve efforts to reduce waste in that region tremendously. It also helped govern their importation laws so even international businesses in the US have taken notice.

RoHS Directive: Adopted in 2002 and implemented in 2006 the banning of the use of lead, mercury, cadmium, and many other dangerous elements helped to reduce the health impact of disposal and exposure in industrial applications.

The EC Draft Directive for Enegry Using Products (EUP): This important policy helps to protect from importing dirty products which don't meet environmental standards.

In 2011 the Texas Takeback law was signed to help curb the amount of toxic waste from CRT teevisions and monitor screens. This law forces manufacturers to be responisble for the cleanup involved in desconstrucintg these screens.

If you want to learn more about combating the proliferation of electronic waste check out:


At BCD we work with AEA, IAER, NEDA, Broker Forum and the EPA's committee on Electronics Recycling by participating in various ways to help improve our industry, and our own internal operations.