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BCR Environmental Corporation is an environmental solutions company transforming the way municipalities treat and manage biosolids and organic wastes. BCR has several industry-revolutionizing technologies that convert organic waste streams into safe, valuable, and marketable end products.BCR is growing rapidly because we offer solutions that lower costs and reduce risk. BCR has a significant U.S. market position as a technology innovator and leader in the municipal biosolids sector. Our Whole Solutions eliminate odor, improve regulatory compliance, simplify biosolids and organics management, and convert waste streams into renewable resources.

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11239 St Johns Industrial Pkwy South, Suite 1-4 , Jacksonville , Florida 32246 USA

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Nationally (across the country)

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Flexible Solutions

BCR’s patented solutions are modular and highly scalable. These systems overcome economy-of-scale limitations associated with traditional biosoids and organic waste treatment. Clients benefit from reduced nuisance odors, reduced infrastructure complexity, and a smaller footprint. Clients also benefit from substantially lower energy consumption, in many cases up to 90% less than traditional treatment methods, leading to cost savings and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. BCR has obtained regulatory approvals for its technologies, minimizing potential regulatory risks associated with waste stream disposition.

BCR’s promise to our customers is rooted in our guiding principle of sustainability and reflected in our corporate vision and mission.

Our four-pronged approach to achieving sustainable wastewater residuals and organic waste treatment lays the foundation for the core values that guide all aspects of our company from research and development, through design and installation, to ongoing customer service. We view our customers as long-term partners. Our strong relationships with our customers are a result of our relentless adherence to our values, our vision, and our mission.

Our Vision

BCR’s vision is to be the best, most trusted company at converting wastewater residuals and organic waste streams into environmentally responsible products.

Our Mission

BCR’s mission is to provide simple, safe, responsible, and cost effective solutions that meet the long-term needs of each customer we do business with.

BCR’s Executive Team team is highly qualified and experienced in the fields of biochemical resources, power production, water and wastewater chemical treatment, water treatment equipment design, and industrial manufacturing.

Our Executive Team is well known in the wastewater industry and brings unmatched technical and business experience to aid clients during development and throughout operation. As a result, BCR has a demonstrated history of providing customers with unique solutions on time and on budget.

BCR Environmental has recruited a world-class Science Advisory Board to advise and guide the company on technology development, industry trends, and regulatory compliance. The board is comprised of world-renowned water and residuals treatment specialists.

BCR’s approach to wastewater residuals and organic waste management centers around our core principle of sustainability.

Our definition of sustainability encompasses more than just environmental protection and beneficial reuse. We define sustainability to include four core values, all of which must be present for a solution to be considered truly sustainable for the long term. For a solution to be sustainable, it must be simple, safe, responsible, and cost effective.


Simple to operate. Simple to maintain. Discover how BCR’s systems simplify wastewater and organic waste treatment and provide reliable solutions for long-term, hassle free operation.


Learn how BCR’s emphasis on safety has resulted in solutions that reduce risks to operators, end product users, and the surrounding community.


BCR’s solutions are not just environmentally responsible. They’re also economically and socially responsible. Learn more about BCR’s focus on developing responsible solutions.

Cost Effective

For a solution to be truly viable long-term, it has to make economic sense. Learn how BCR’s solutions can often reduce wastewater treatment costs.

BCR Environmental is backed by significant institutional capital partners. With solid financial backing, BCR is able to respond to each customer’s needs and deliver solutions using a variety of project financing options. BCR is capable of structuring projects so that there is no upfront capital cost to a custome

BCR Environmental is the preeminent developer of biosolids & organics management facilities in the State of Florida with more than seventeen facilities operating or in development across the state and a combined 30 years of proven operating history. BCR is currently expanding to deliver transformative biosolids and organics solutions across the United States and Canada.

BCR has invested significant time in understanding the risks and pain points that our clients face when it comes to biosolids and organics management. Our Whole Solution approach is designed to address these many challenges in long term planning and day-to-day operation. Every biosolids and organics management program faces a unique set of challengs. BCR is capable of delivering long-term solutions that address a client’s unique situation with a solution that includes Treatment, Transportation, and End Product Management. This Whole Solution approach is designed to reduce costs and eliminate risks for the client

The Whole Solution

  • Treatment: Eliminate odors and meet current and anticipated regulatory demands while reducing capital and operating costs at the wastewater treatment plant or organics treatment facility.
  • Transportation: Provide safe, consistent, and reliable transportation of the end product.
  • End Product Management: Deliver a solution that includes management and beneficial reuse of the final product, taking full advantage of the beneficial characteristics of the product produced during treatment.