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  • Management Survey

    Management Survey

    An Asbestos Management Survey is required for the on going use of the building. It is the best way to find asbestos that requires Management, hense the title. This level of survey is more than suited for buildings where regular maintenance is being carried out and is created to help assist in your legal requirement to Manage Asbestos (Regulation 4, CAR 2012)

  • Refurbishment Survey

    Refurbishment Survey

    As the title suggests, a Refurbishment Survey is required when refurbishment works are planned. This may include more involved maintenance works where access to voids and risers may be required. By having this survey carried out well in advance, and not the day before the works start, asbestos can be identified and dealt with correctly. Planning is the key.

  • Demolition Survey

    Demolition Survey

    A Demolition Survey is a fully intrusive, all encompassing level of survey inspection. The surveyor is going into everything, floor voids, above ceilings, into wall, window frames, risers, shafts, undercrofts...Everywhere. The aim is to locate and quantify all asbestos within a given building or site to allow for its safe removal before demolition.

  • Asbestos Survey Re-Inspection

    Asbestos Survey Re-Inspection

    If you have had a survey, the question is, is it good enough? Let BIACS review what you have, from this we can be best placed to offer advice on your way forward. If what you have fits the legal requirement, then we can advise on what actions need to be taken next.