BeePro BV

BeePro BV

BeePro BV is an international company that is created to solve all your dust problems in mainly the recycling market. We work with other companies who are specialized in dust control, to provide solutions for as many dust problems as possible. We are not only active in the European market, but also in China and Japan. We also work in New Zealand and Canada and soon, Central America will be added to our list. Currently, we have a number of statisfied customers worldwide, who buy one or more product from us. BeeFoam - Dust Suppression Foam / Dust Control Foam

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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Air Pollution Treatment
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

Are you looking for the best solution for all your dust problems? BeePro BV is specialised in dust control, suction and induction seperation. Due to our expertise, professional knowledge and the passion we have for our profession, we are highly qualified to find an innovative solution for your problem. We are active in various sectors: the (steal) industry, coal mines, quarries, recycling companies and more.

Our goal

BeePro stands for sustainability and quality. Not only do these values manifest in the products we use, this is also visible in the services we deliver. We are active in the recycling market and we are engaged in suction, induction seperation and optical seperation. Through recycling we would like to make waste usable for society. We strive to improve our environment by reducing hazardous substances and regain raw materials.

Within the dust control industry we aspire:

  • An improved environment;
  • A saver labour ambiance;
  • The reduce of quartz dust;
  • To prevent dust lungs;
  • To bind hazardous substances, which are spread by dust (for example paint residues or asbestos fibers).

Our mission and vision

A mission is what we stand for: ours is to relieve the environment by combating dust and improving recycling techniques. A vision is what we aspire: our vision is an improved environment. We strive for a savor labour ambiance, to reduce hazardous substances, to improve recycling techniques and to prevent dust clouds.

What makes us unique

We distinguish ourselves from other companies due to our dust control product. We bind the dust with a minimal amount of moisture, which makes the product suitable in various situations. Thanks to this, the dust can be controlled for a longer period of time (three to twelve days). By adding an extra product, the dust can even be controlled for months. Furthermore, we use reasonably priced suction and induction seperation techniques. If needed, we also offer demonstrations to show you the benefits of the product.

Choosing us provides you a company that values honesty, professionality, sustainability and quality. Thanks to our many years of experience we are efficient and skilled. Moreover, we are always clear and well-prepared: we strive to solve your problems as efficiently and quickly as possible!