Since 1979, organizations in 70 countries around the world have turned to BST for help in achieving outstanding safety performance and solving tough operations challenges. Why? Our solutions get results. BST`s consulting approach is about helping companies integrate safety functioning within the DNA of the business. We begin with where you are and partner with you in developing a vision and strategy for the future. Our consultants bring expertise from a number of fields and our solutions have shown proven results across multiple industries, including Mining, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Utilities, Transit, Food & Beverage, and more.

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Consulting firm
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Health and Safety - Workplace Safety
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Globally (various continents)
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BST is a global workplace safety consulting firm that helps companies at any stage of safety functioning improve performance for the long term. 

First pioneers of Behavior Based Safety application in industry, BST's tailored solutions today comprehensively address the critical linkages of Safety Leadership, Organizational Culture, and Employee Engagement for sustainable safety performance improvement. 

We're proud to be the Safety Consultants of choice among a who's who of leading companies in oil & gas, manufacturing, chemicals, mining, metals, transportation, healthcare, utilities, and other critical industries.

Great safety starts with great people

BST is a global safety consulting firm that helps organizations create injury-free workplaces. Since 1979, when BST pioneered behavior-based safety, we have established a reputation for innovation and thought leadership that helps our clients reduce incidents, engage employees, and achieve world-class safety performance that supports operational excellence.

Using proven change management principles, we work with you to develop a long-term strategy for your organization's safety performance and design data-driven interventions that help you get there. Our expertise in leadership, culture, organizational behavior, data, and other key disciplines has made us the safety provider of choice among organizations across industry.

Depending on your objectives, your engagement may draw on a number of BST's competencies and proven methodologies, including:

  • Performance-predictive culture and leadership diagnostics
  • Behavior-based safety systems
  • Organizational safety management
  • Process event prevention
  • Supervisor and managerial leadership development
  • Serious and fatal injury prevention
  • Executive development and coaching
  • Change management execution
  • Safety talent development and succession planning
  • Data management and analysis

We help you achieve safety excellence

Every BST engagement is a promise to the employees and organizations we partner with to provide solutions and expert guidance to make their workplace safer. We deliver:

  • Proven methodologies that reduce injuries and improve culture
  • Tools and processes that support sustainable safety success
  • Specific safety and development solutions for every organizational level
  • Partnership and collaboration throughout the life of your engagement with us


  • makes work and communities safer by transforming the safety functioning of organizations and their employees
  • applies data and research to deliver innovative solutions and methodology
  • changes fundamental behaviors and beliefs of people no matter what role they play to deliver measurable, and sustainable results
  • meaning fewer people get hurt or killed

We deliver change management for safer workplaces
Becoming an organization where 'safety is who we are' requires an approach that is future oriented and based on sound change management principles. Our work is aimed at one thing: helping you realize your vision of safety performance in a way that is sustainable. We use data-driven solutions that treat injury reduction within the context of the whole organization, including your systems, culture, and leadership. The result is a change strategy that helps you realize your goals now and in the future.

The Approach
Because no two organizations are exactly alike, our approach focuses on aligning the unique people, processes, and metrics critical to safety and your business by:

  • Seeing what's possible - We get to know you and help your team create a vision for safety
  • Defining the gap - We use validated diagnostics to establish a detailed picture of current performance, strengths, and opportunities.
  • Developing a plan - We help you define a change strategy to reach your goals, including governance, execution, and structures and processes, with clear roles for every stakeholder.
  • Identifying metrics and quick wins - We capture baselines for comparison and identify high-visibility wins to build momentum.
  • Delivering change - We custom-tailor activities using scalable tools that drive sustainability for long-term results.

The Outcomes
Every organization has its own set of goals and needs—not surprisingly, our clients' success stories are often as varied as the objectives, industries, and regions they represent. Some of the more common outcomes include:

  • Reduced injury frequency and severity
  • Focused and effective safety leadership
  • Improved labor-management relations
  • Engaged employee teams
  • World-class safety functioning
  • Reduced absenteeism, turnover, and stress
  • Higher levels of employee job satisfaction, commitment, and performance
  • High-performance cultures

The Support
BST is committed to helping our clients deliver on the promise of zero harm. We achieve industry-best results because we embody this commitment throughout our work with you. As a BST client you can expect:

  • Global access - With offices on nearly every continent, there are BST consultants available regionally who can help your team sustain and improve.
  • Unparalleled tools and thought leadership - Whether using our sophisticated feedback and tracking tools, or logging on to the most robust Knowledge Bank in the field, you always have the tools you need when you need them.
  • A community dedicated to excellence - BST's clients form a networking partnership that is 3,200-sites strong and growing. As a BST client you enjoy access to resources that help you advance your knowledge, onboard new employees, and refine your systems for the long term.

Safer together
For over 30 years BST has helped organizations around the world create safer workplaces. We're proud of the work that has helped protect more than one million employees across more than 3,200 sites spanning greater than 70 countries. But accidents don't just happen on the job. That's why we're committed to supporting initiatives that create safer environments on the road, at home, and at play.

BST is proud to partner with the National Safety Council and other organizations in addressing the safety issues that affect everyone. We believe that safety is not a proprietary endeavor but something we all have an obligation to improve by reaching across organizational, regional, and cultural boundaries.

We invite you to join us in being safer together.

Below are some of the resources and information on how BST is supporting safer communities.

Partnering With Patagonia to be Safer Together
As part of the new Safer Together outreach, BST's senior leaders accepted an invitation from Patagonia's HQ in California to talk about a product they're developing to improve surfer safety. The Portable Self-Inflated Vest is designed for a small group of 'big wave' riders (of which there are only about 400-500 in the world) who surf 20+ foot waves. Click here to read more about our work with Patagonia.

Distracted Driving
Distracted driving is widely recognized as a public safety hazard. Download this white paper that describes new ways organizations can think about this issue, and why distracted driving isn't just a 'young person's problem'. Take the 'Don't Text. Don’t Talk. Just Drive.' pledge here.

The Campbell Institute
BST is proud to be a charter member of The Campbell Institute at The National Safety Council. Founded in 2012, the Campbell Institute is a global body of organizations committed to the belief that EHS is at the core of business vitality. Through partnership, events, research, and knowledge sharing, the Campbell Institute seeks to be a driving force in EHS and thought leadership. Click here to learn more about the Campbell Institute.

Safety is who we are
Becoming an organization where 'safety is who we are' requires strong commitment and a comprehensive, strategic approach. The entire organization must be involved in the effort to achieve true safety excellence.

Why should you choose BST to help with your safety initiatives?

We meet you where you are
BST is a global safety firm that helps companies at every stage of safety functioning improve performance. Whether your safety goal is focused on a single location or organization-wide, BST has the tools, expertise, and global reach to meet you where you are and deliver the results you seek.

We help you see what's possible
Because your needs and objectives are like no one else's, we start our work by getting to know you and helping your team create a vision for safety, define objectives and direction, and create a sense of urgency among your stakeholders.

We help you get there and beyond
Depending upon the depth of the engagement, BST clients realize an average 25-40% reduction in injury rates the first year alone. No matter the scale of your improvement plan, we custom-tailor activities to your organization, engaging your team in the process. We're there every step of the way, helping your team build new competencies for their role in safety and ensuring that behavioral and systemic changes are anchored for long-term results.