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  • Developing Safety Leadership Services

    Developing Safety Leadership Services

    How do you lead the journey from a culture in which safety’s priority shifts depending on the latest injury (or lack thereof) to one in which the vigilance never lets up? As a leader, how do you know whether during the third shift, at 3 a.m., in your most remote facility, people are making decisions that put safety first? How do you even know where to start?.

  • Protecting Frontline Employees Services

    Protecting Frontline Employees Services

    Keeping workers safe is a priority for every organization. But to effectively protect frontline employees, organizations and leaders must shift from traditional behavior based safety approaches that exhibit top-down thinking and reliance on lagging indicators. Frontline employees have an inherent stake in doing their jobs safely and want to be engaged in safety efforts. And when these all-important employees take ownership in improving safety for...

  • Creating Injury-Free Cultures Services

    Creating Injury-Free Cultures Services

    Moving culture in desired directions can be one of the most challenging tasks facing an organization. Underlying values, norms, and attitudes often stymie improvement and bring cynicism to new approaches. But when organizations and leaders have a clear view of what they want their culture to be, an objective and data-centered view of their culture’s present state, and a comprehensive plan to bridge the gap, they then have the ingredients for...

  • Eliminating Catastrophic Events Services

    Eliminating Catastrophic Events Services

    Despite advances in process safety, major incidents continue to bring harm to people, the environment, and industry. The problem isn't simply a failure of technical and management systems—but a breakdown in their implementation and execution. Preventing catastrophic events requires that leaders understand the interaction between technical and organizational factors to ensure reliability and consistency across all job levels, work shifts, and...

  • Preventing Serious & Fatal Injury Services

    Preventing Serious & Fatal Injury Services

    Traditional thinking on serious and fatal injury prevention suggests that reducing minor injuries brings proportional reductions in more serious ones. But falling rates in minor injuries haven't predictively produced this proportional drop in serious and fatal events. Traditional safety efforts often fail to prevent serious and fatal injury events because they're not designed to.

  • Developing Safety Talent Services

    Developing Safety Talent Services

    Attracting, developing, and keeping safety talent is a growing challenge facing organizations today. Experts predict a dramatic shortfall between the increasing need for safety professionals and the number of qualified candidates who will be available to fill these roles. Changing demographics have created greater competition for talent. In safety we are now seeing 'inverted bell curves' where talent is weighted heavily at senior and primary...

  • Leveraging Data for Safety Improvement Services

    Leveraging Data for Safety Improvement Services

    The power and promise of analytics has never been greater. Over the last decade, the sheer amount of data available to organizations has grown 30-40% per year. And concurrently, new and improved tools have come available to analyze and draw insight from this information. For safety, this brings new opportunities to surface and address exposures that may have previously gone unseen.