BELLMER KUFFERATH Machinery GmbH has become a 100%-subsidiary of Gebr. Bellmer GmbH, originated during the transfer of business operations from the Solid/Liquid Separation division of former Andreas Kufferath GmbH & Co. KG. Andreas Kufferath has been dealing with Solid/Liquid Separation issues for many years and consistently introduced new and innovative products to the market, based upon their own development projects.Prior-ranking among the BELLMER KUFFERATH product range are screw presses for the dewatering of fibres, sludges and rejects. With several lines of AKUPRESS screw presses and a wide range of sizes from 200 up to 1,400 mm BELLMER KUFFERATH is one of the world`s leading supplier of screw presses. The screw press programme is complemented through pre-thickeners and micro-flotation systems. Furthermore, a range of special open rolls is produced for paper industry applications.

Company details

Andreas-Kufferath-Platz 5 , Düren , 52353 Germany

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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater - Sludge Management
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

Kufferath was founded back in 1782 in Mariaweiler nearby Düren. The headquarters still remain located at the same site.

Originally, Kufferath manufactured hand moulds as well as bronze fabrics for pre-industrial paper production. When paper making processes became industrialised around beginning of the 19th Century through changeover to fourdrinier machines, Kufferath's industrial era set in as well.

In 2008, Kufferath's former Solid/Liquid Separation division was taken over by Gebr. Bellmer to be continued at the same site as BELLMER KUFFERATH Machinery GmbH. Nowadays, our product range mainly comprises products for solid/liquid separation processes, apart from special open rolls for paper industry applications.

BELLMER KUFFERATH Machinery applies the utmost carefulness to provide an excellent individual customer support. After all, we are a family-owned company and want you as our customers to be positively aware of that. Our Proprietors, the Kollmar family, guarantee smooth order processings. Our Project Managers continuously accompany our customers until the final commissioning phase.

Do you have any special wishes? Please feel free to get in touch with us - we will meet your requirements.

We are prepared to flexibly react to our customers' specific project requirements.
Thanks to our lean and efficient organisation structure we are in a position to comply with even shortest delivery schedules - based upon our committed staff, our high degree of data processing cross-linking as well as our modern machinery equipment.

Always at your service
Around-the-clock service is a matter of course for us as many customer applications are supposed to constantly run around the clock as well. In urgent cases, our staff can even be reached privately.

For sure, globalisation already has become a reality and many orders could possibly not become more internationalised.

However, BELLMER KUFFERATH Machinery projects still enjoy some German virtues such as accuracy, sound organisation and punctuality, i.e. not only Project Engineering is carried out in Germany but also all essential manufacturing steps. As we constantly further develop our manufacturing know-how our customers naturally continue to profit from this. Not for nothing, our screw presses are considered as the benchmark for top-quality screw press manufacturing in the global market.

You depend on a constant availability of your machines and systems, as downtimes often induce high losses. For this reason, quality products do have the utmost priority.

For BELLMER KUFFERATH Machinery, focussing on quality already starts with the initial development phase. All of our specific customers' demands and requests are attentively taken into account. Our Engineers' work is based upon our customers' requirements and they already work closely together with both Production and Quality Control in the projects' initial phase. Our products are only allowed to leave our factory after having passed a careful and tight pre-assembly phase.

Also the quality of our vendor parts is subject to strict control measures. The quality-conscious working of our staff is a further guarantee to maintain our accustomed high quality level in the future.

Innovation Through Motivation - People Determine Our Future.

Our customers as well as our staff are BELLEMR KUFFERATH's top priority. The success of our company is based upon the know-how and the devoted cooperation of our personnel. Field-specific training programmes ensure a good foundation for the support of each and every member of our staff.

You should take advantage of the BELLMER KUFFERATH Machinery team spirit for your personal success!
The future is full of fascinating chances. BELLMER KUFFERATH Machinery wants to realize these opportunities, and for doing so, we look for people who are prepared to contribute more than just average, who love new challenges and strive for optimum solutions. People who are willing to use their commitment and their abilities to shape tomorrow's world.

With the following characteristics you can achieve anything: you're creative, you're able to learn, you've got team spirit, you're focused on results, you're interested in serving our customers.

Apply for one of the positions in our column 'Jobs' and start forming the future and your career together with us.

Plant and equipment for the pulp and paper industry    
BELLMER KUFFERATH Machinery develops, designs, manufactures and installs plant and equipment for dewatering, thickening and sorting of solids as well as special products for the sheet formation in the paper industry.

Our competency is based on 4 pillars:    

Special know-how for dewatering, thickening and sorting:    

  • Thickening and dewatering of fibrous materials
  • Treatment and Dewatering of Rejects
  • Thickening and dewatering of sludges

Special know-how for sheet formation:    

  • Improvement of sheet formation - dandy rolls, open wire rolls

Our experience goes well beyond the machine technology and extends to the processes of our customers.    

Innovative Solutions    
Our products are subject to continuous improvement and optimisation. To this end, our Development Department is in close cooperation with local and foreign colleges and universities.    

Service: Satisfied Customers are Important to us 
Our service offer is comprehensive, flexible and customer-oriented.    

Innovative separation of solid and liquid matters    
BELLMER KUFFERATH Machinery develops, designs, manufactures and installs machines and systems for dewatering and separation processes in several branches and process areas.

Our range stands out by the following three strong points:    

Specialised know-how for:    

  • Thickening and dewatering of sludges
  • Thickening and dewatering of fibres
  • Treatment and dewatering of rejects
  • Separation and dewatering of digester output from wet digestion
  • Separation and dewatering of digester output from dry digestion
  • Separation and dewatering of waste
  • Dewatering in plastic recycling systems
  • Dewatering of explosive / corrosive media

Our experience extends far beyond the limits of our machinery into our customers' processes.    

Innovative solutions    
We constantly further develop and optimise our range of products. Our Development Department co-operates with both domestic and foreign universities.    

Service: Satisfied customers are most important to us    
Our range of services is extensive, flexible as well as customer-orientated.