Beltran Technologies, Inc.

Beltran Technologies, Inc.

Beltran Technologies is a leader in advanced gas cleaning and air pollution control for a broad spectrum of industrial processes and emissions requirements. Beltran`s wet and dry Electrostatic Precipitators represent the leading edge of gas cleaning air pollution control technology, superior in design for maximum effectiveness, efficiency, ease of operation, and maintenance. These state-of -the-art, multistage tubular design systems, are able to control emissions at the submicron level, including gas mists, particulates and condensed organics. Advanced Air Pollution Control and Bioenergy Solutions for Industries Worldwide.

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1133 East 35th Street , Brooklyn , NY 11210 USA
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Air Pollution Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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Beltran Technologies: Helping customers meet the standards of today, the challenges of tomorrow

Compliance with constantly evolving pollution control and clean energy standards is becoming increasingly complex and time consuming for agricultural, manufacturing and process industries and municipalities. Today’s solutions may not be applicable to future requirements. New challenges, such as greenhouse gases, are constantly appearing.

For more than 50 years, Beltran Technologies has supplied the engineering skills and manufacturing capabilities required to provide effective air pollution control and bioenergy strategies in rapidly changing technical environments. Today, we specialize in developing flexible, innovative technologies such as wet electrostatic precipitators (WESPs) and biomass gasification/cogeneration systems.

Our teams of chemical, electrical, fluid mechanical, structural and environmental engineers and project managers are highly experienced at custom-designing, fabricating and installing cost-effective, durable solutions, including on-site training and follow-up support.

Beltran commits a substantial portion of our resources to ongoing research and development in electrostatic fine-particle enhancement, biofiltration, pulse power supplies, combustion heat recovery, plasma fields and other areas, often under government sponsorship. Our practical field experience is constantly expanding and deepening this technical knowledge base. Michael R. Beltran, our president, is a world-recognized scientist, inventor and engineer who has lectured and published widely in these areas.

Beltran's broad background, commitment to producing world-class solutions at minimum cost, and forward-thinking approach ensure our continued ability to help our cients meet the energy and environmental standards of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

More than 1000 installations worldwide
The professional teams at Beltran offer broad, integrated expertise in designing and engineering innovative air pollution control, gas cleaning systems, and bioenergy solutions for a vast range of industrial applications.
Beltran systems include: Advanced wet and dry electrostatic precipitators, scrubbers, fume coalescers, biomass gasification with syngas cleaning designed to convert carbonaceous waste into clean energy heat and electric power.
From basic and applied research through design, manufacturing, installation and support, our constant focus is on delivering maximum cost savings, optimum emission control, and energy efficiency for our customers.
We hope you will be confidently inspired by some of the technical information and case studies available here. Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your company’s specific needs.

Beltran solutions: World-class performance and reliability in air pollution control, gas cleaning and biomass energy systems

The range of Beltran solutions continues to expand in response to the emergence of new technologies, entire new industries, more stringent regulatory demands and changing client needs. Heightened public and private awareness of serious global energy and environmental challenges also energizes our work.

The successful design and implementation of our customized systems are based on 50+ years of
in-depth practical and theoretical experience, and our ongoing commitment to the research-development- demonstration-deployment (RDD&D) cycle. This process is reinforced by the dedication and skill of our engineers, scientists, industrial designers and support staffs.

Beltran systems today are delivering reliable performance for projects around the world, in a wide range of industries. Our anchor technologies include the following:

Beltran Wet Electrostatic Precipitators
Our Wet Electrostatic Precipitators represent the leading edge of gas cleaning and air-pollution control technology. They feature Beltran’s proprietary, multistage ionizing rods, with star-shaped discharge points in a square or hexagonal configuration. This unique geometry generates a corona field 4-5 times greater than standard wet or dry ESPs, which induces a continuous negative charge in submicron-size gas stream particles, propelling them toward a grounded collection surface, where they are washed away by sprays of recyclable water.

Beltran’s multistage, tubular configuration surpasses scrubbers, bag houses, and other designs in effectiveness in controlling submicron-range particulates, acid mists, and condensed organics. It is also the ideal solution for heavy, tar-infused exhaust streams.

Beltran Poly-Stage Precipitators
Modular and adaptable to a variety of present and future pollution control requirements, Beltran Poly-Stage Precipitators remove submicron smoke particles down to PM 0.01 with superb efficiency and extremely low operating cost. The systems use electrostatic enhancement of particles, resulting in minimal pressure drops and low energy input loads. The light, compact units are easily mounted on roofs or within existing exhaust systems, with liquid fractions reclaimed via sumps. Modules are custom-engineered for each individual installation.

Beltran Fume Coalescers
Beltran Fume Coalescers are a versatile, economical means of capturing ultrafine mists, VOCs, oily aerosols, acid gases (SO2, HCl) and other liquid, viscous or soluble solid particles down to PM 02.5 or smaller. The light-scattering effect of these ultrafine particles causes them to create an inordinate amount of visible  pollution and haze, even at relatively low concentrations. They may also accelerate corrosion of sensitive downstream equipment, and compromise safety and product purity. These emissions may be released at several points in various industrial and chemical operations such as petrochemicals, asphalt, chlorine and acid plants, textiles, biological, metallurgical, and other industries.

Beltran’s solution is a custom-configured array of tubular 'candles' containing cylindrical beds of glass fibers whose fineness is precisely gauged to the composition and characteristics of each gas stream, resulting in optimum efficiency. The chemical resistance and other properties of the fibers, the supporting mesh screens and the housings are also tailored to each application. Beltran coalescers operate at 99.5% collection efficiency, while eliminating the heavy energy inputs required by conventional scrubbers and other mechanical collectors.

In practice, large mist particles impinge directly on the fibers and coalesce. Finer particles, which may actually be small enough to escape through the interstices of the fiber beds, exhibit a higher degree of diffuse, multidirectional Brownian motion, allowing them to be trapped by the fibers as well. The collected mist particles coalesce into a liquid film, which passes through to the inner annular space and is drained out through the bottom. Reverse-flow coalescers are also available from Beltran.

The Beltran Biomass Cogeneration System
The Beltran Biomass Cogeneration System is a closely integrated, three-stage process that converts biomass and other organic wastes into powerful, clean-burning synthesis gas that can be used to generate energy as combined heat and power (CHP), or to produce hydrogen, biofuels and valuable industrial chemicals. Beltran has combined innovative enhancements to legacy technologies to create a solution for efficient waste management, alternative energy generation and pollution control, including greenhouse gas emissions. Gasification of plant-based biomass closes the carbon-cycle loop, offering the potential for carbon-neutral alternative energy generation.

The main system components are:

  • A gasification reactor, which produces energy-rich synthesis gas (syngas) from plant or animal-based biomass or other carbonaceous material.
  • A wet electrostatic precipitator to clean and condition the syngas, essential for downstream uses.
  • An internal combustion engine producing combined heat and electric power (CHP), which can be used for plant operations, local power supply, and local and district heating. The system can also be adapted to Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) applications.

Beltran: The technology of choice for a full range of industrial applications

Constantly evolving industrial technologies and environmental regulations pose extraordinary challenges in the design and manufacture of air pollution control and new energy systems. That’s why the hallmark of every Beltran solution is flexibility—the ability to adapt, expand and perform efficiently and reliably under operating conditions that are increasingly complex and changeable.

Beltran's comprehensive yet flexible approach means individual components can be added, modified, enhanced or replaced in response to technological advances or new regulatory requirements, or to achieve greater efficiencies or competitive advantages. No matter how or where your company operates, Beltran can design and implement a site-specific, cost-efficient solution to meet your emission control needs.