BEM Systems, Inc. (BEM)

BEM Systems, Inc. (BEM)

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BEM Systems, Inc. (BEM) Services

  • Natural and Water Resources

  • Numerical Modeling

    Numerical Modeling

    BEM has expertise in developing and utilizing a range of numerical modeling tools to help guide decisions affecting natural and water resources. These include advanced model programming and development emphasizing simulation and analysis of hydrologic/hydraulic systems.

  • Water Resources Engineering

    Water Resources Engineering

    BEM’s professional engineers, geologists, and scientists provide a vast level of knowledge and experience in water resources engineering services, integrating engineering design and construction capabilities with understanding of environmental science, regulations, and policy. We have developed novel solutions for a variety of restoration and remediation projects including design/implementation of best management practices and identification of...

  • NEPA Compliance

    NEPA Compliance

    BEM scientists and ecologists can provide NEPA compliance expertise to a wide range of clients. Our approach couples our in-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance issues, experience in remediation and restoration, hydrologic and ecologic modeling, and Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. We can support the full NEPA compliance process, from scoping, Environmental Impact Statement and Environmental Assessment preparation, to Water Quality permit...

  • Ecosystem Restoration

    Ecosystem Restoration

    BEM provides an exceptional level of scientific support, recognizing that rigorous, high-quality science is the best tool to guide natural resource management. Our group includes peer-review published scientists with direct experience in ecology and environmental science. We have a proven track record of successfully executing biological and ecological projects in a team environment.