Bentham Geoconsulting Ltd

We provide geophysical consultancy and contracting surveys services to assist our clients in locating sub-surface targets, to map geology or to make non destructive structural assessments. Projects range from large brown and greenfield surveys to locate in-situ foundations, voids or geological changes, right down to surveys of concrete slabs to map reinforcement and surveys of gardens to help pinpoint the position of mine shafts.

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6 Nether View , Wennington , Lancashire LA2 8NP United Kingdom

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Consulting firm
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Environmental - Environmental Management
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Globally (various continents)

We are a Geophysical survey and consultancy company providing environmental and engineering site investigation services. We are located in the North-West of England. The company was set up to provide a portfolio of specialist survey services for the engineering and environmental sectors. Our aim is to provide quality with a range of specialist subsurface testing services.

We have two areas of expertise which are often complimentary.

Geophysical investigations of structures and ground. We have many years experience in both field surveys and survey design. Our expertise has gained contracts in the UK, Europe, Pakistan, China and Laos.

Instrumentation and monitoring of structures uses modern IT equipment, data loggers and transducers to provide a means to measure structural parameters in both the long and short term. We can advise, design and install such systems. This area of engineering service is evolving rapidly as our clients see the benefits of long term asset monitoring.


Geophysical surveys are a cost-effective survey technique used to obtain non destructive engineering and environmental information from the sub-surface. Geophysical surveys are applicable to investigations of brownfield sites, contaminated land, landfill sites, wind farm projects, pavements, mineshafts, ordnance, archaeology, concrete structures and geology plus other problem sites.

As UK based geophysical survey consultants we advise on:-

  • Applicability and best practice
  • We design geophysical surveys for tender documentation
  • Expert witness

As geophysical survey contractors we also undertake:-

  • Site investigation - Ground penetrating radar (GPR), EM, conductivity, resistivity imaging, magnetometry, gradiometry, gravity, seismics, soil resistivity and earth resistance testing, soil thermal resistivity testing
  • Geophysical surveys of landfill, soil resistivity / earth testing for wind farm projects, illegal landfill location, brownfield characterisaton, UXO, underground storage tanks, foundations, contaminated land, pollution depth to rockhead, solution features & karst
  • Non-intrusive structural investigations - concrete & masonary bridges, reinforcement mapping, concrete chimney stacks & flues, tendon ducts, concrete slabs, location of voids & cavities
  • Geophysical survey data interpretation
  • Quality reporting tailored to our clients requirements