Bergmann, Heinz, e.Kfm.- Machines for Waste Management

Bergmann, Heinz, e.Kfm.- Machines for Waste Management

Mobile Compactors, Roll-Packers and Roto Compactors. BERGMANN Waste Disposal Equipment offers his customers in trade and industry waste disposal solutions which help to significantly lower disposal costs. BERGMANN´s success in this industry is based on its 3 decades of experience and on the large amount of worldwide patents for it space-setting developments. Bergmann, the inventor of self press containers is also leader in Roto-Compactors, a better alternative to a baler.

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Postfach 1152, Von-Arenberg-Str. 7 , Lathen/Ems , D-49762 Germany
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Recycling Systems
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Globally (various continents)
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More compact is more efficient.

Consistent compaction of waste creates financial scope.

Nothing is more expensive than storing and transporting air. Needless hollow spaces are the result of uncompacted waste. Not only do containers and storage spaces bulge, but their costs also quickly spill over! BERGMANN has been setting standards in the waste disposal industry for over 40 years. BERGMANN products and system solutions stand for longevity, reliability and ease of maintenance.

With sophisticated BERGMANN products

  • Increase the load capacity of containers
  • Reduce the number of disposal journeys
  • Use less space for container storing areas and waste storage
  • Reduce your logistics costs
  • Reduce your labour costs

Get to know our Products, if you have more important things to do than stacking waste.


Welcome at BERGMANN - Machines for waste management

The company BERGMANN has manufactured machines for waste management for over 40 years.

BERGMANN offers its customers in industry, trade and the public domain, through a large number of patented machines with  outstanding characteristics, efficient solutions, which result in a drastic reduction of waste disposal costs.

The BERGMANN program comprises four product groups for waste compaction, which enables the economic compaction of virtually all materials for the most diverse disposal issues:

  • BERGMANN Roto Compactor  as a compact solution for the compaction of waste directly at the work site.
  • BERGMANN Roll-Packer for compacting waste in open containers. Depending upon the request, household waste or cans can also be compacted in addition to disposable pallets, wooden boxes or bulky garbage.
  • BERGMANN Alpha-Pack-Bins exhibit some patented characteristics, which bring monetary advantages. Predestined for cardboard boxes, paper and foil, the otherwise necessary cleaning operations can be dispensed with and stand apart, in addition to the highest compaction results, behind the compacting piston in the foreground.
  • BERGMANN Mobile-Pack-Bins are then in your element, if you need to compact wet or difficult garbage. These proven compaction boxes work with a pendulum blade - an invention of Bergmann. Also, cleaning operations can be dispensed with via standard waterproof Mobile-Pack-Bins.btained.


Minimal effort - maximum efficiency

A common characteristic of all machines is continuous filling without pause and easy emptying. You achieve the highest compaction results with a minimum maintenance cost.

Intensive and consistent material and production controls, as well as the inspection of the aggregates concerning their continuous ability to produce, ensure the high reliability and longevity of BERGMANN machines.

The technical conception is in line with economy. The dimensions and weights are designed in such a way that optimal capacity is possible in the smallest amount of space.

We will be there for you after your product purchase:
Worldwide well-trained service teams with a longstanding experience within the selling and service network are at the disposal of the customer.


Bergmann machines - proven for over 40 years

'Made in Germany' is still today a mark of quality. Particularly with Bergmann products.

Which you always have for a waste or garbage problem: Regarding the know how of our products, we have over 3 decades of experience.

Bergmann machines - proven for over 40 years

BERGMANN - Machines for the Waste Industry - was founded as a private individual enterprise in 1970 in Meppen, Emsland. From the outset, the aim was to make waste disposal more efficient.

By concentrating on a clearly defined and constantly maintained product palette, in connection with the introduction of patented innovations, such as pendulum blades, the company is, and has always been, a technical precursor for machines for waste management.

Critical impulses were thus given by Bergmann in the compaction of waste and its economical removal.

Due to the relocation, in January 1978, in the newly created company in Lathen, the continuous development and expansion of the company could be further pursued. Since this manufacturing plant soon outgrew the rising production volume, the company relocated to the industrial region in 1989. Here, approximately 100 employees work on an area of 8 hectares. In 2004, a new administration building was erected with 800 square meters of usable space, which has large discussion and training areas.

Constant dialogue with our customers, rapid and unconventional reaction to the demands of a continuously growing market and the shifting of the customer’s practical requests in capacity-referred machine developments have been responsible for the success of Bergmann.

The excellent experiences of our customers with all BERGMANN products for many years and the contact with one another are crucial reasons that many companies have decided on BERGMANN machines again and again.

With the high-quality competition-leading products, developed with „Feedback“ from our customers, the company has created for itself an internationally recognised name.

The name BERGMANN has stood, since its founding, regarding domestic and foreign dealers and customers, for innovative and qualitatively high-quality products with the highest compaction results with the smallest amount of maintenance.


Over four decades of experience are reflected in proven quality.

Bergmann, as a manufacturer with the greatest experience of the entire market and the owner of many innovative inventions and patents, is known for developing high-quality products that lead the competition.

Thus, the enterprise has created for itself an internationally recognised name. All Bergmann products are completely 'Made in Germany'. Our success shows that this philosophy is a recognised attribute of quality.

Satisfying our customers is our highest quality target. This competence, reliability and permanent dialogue, in connection with rapid and unconventional trading ensure this requirement.

The basis of the high quality and efficiency is the well-trained employees with many years of practical experience. The specialised competence is documented by the symbol of quality  'Master Establishment – Member of Specialised Guild'Apart from internal, consistent and intensive material and production controls, as well as examination of the continuous output capability, all products are also certified by independent testing institutes:



Approval marks should be an orientation and decision-making aid so that a selection can be made from the variety of products offered on the market. It is nothing more than the mark of confidence in the quality of the product and/or the efficiency of the company.

Many Bergmann’s production model machines are certified according to TÜV Guidelines.

The TÜV Product Service, recognised as a international certification organisation, assesses the respective product according to the guidelines of the German Equipment Safety Law (GSG), the regulations for accident prevention of the Accident Prevention & Insurance Association , DIN and EN Standards, as well as others, generally recognised as the rules of technology. Tied in with such assessments is the regular monitoring of the production plants.


Bergmann machines are GS-certified.

In order to be allowed to affix the GS mark, the manufacturer must subject its product to a test by a certified examination organisation, the TÜV. If all requirements are met, the manufacturer receives a product-related certificate and may, thereby, affix the GS mark to its product. In order to retain the certificate, annual monitorings of the production sites are conducted.


Bergmann machines have the CE label.

With the CE label, the responsible manufacturers validate the conformity of their product with the applicable EU Guidelines and the compliance to the 'substantial requirements' specified therein pursuant to Art. 95 EU-Contract (the so-called domestic market guidelines).

In the EU Guidelines, numerous health and safety requirements are set as minimum requirements for products, and these may not be undermined. A product may only be brought onto the market and accepted into operation, if it corresponds to the regulations of all applicable EU Guidelines and if a conformity assessment procedure has been conducted pursuant to the applicable EU Guidelines.

Our quality standard

We achieve our goals in terms of performance, costs and deadlines through consistently applied quality management. We therefore pave the way in terms of high customer satisfaction and lay the foundation for the economic success of our company.
Our quality management system is oriented according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001 and stands in a constant process of evaluation.