Bernoulli System AB

Bernoulli System AB

Bernoulli System AB

Bernoulli System AB is the inventor and original manufacturer of Bernoulli Filters, self-cleaning filters for continuous filtration of liquids in pressurized systems. The unique cleaning operation based on Bernoulli`s principle ensures a reliable, robust and low-maintenance product. The filters can be used to remove debris from natural water sources such as sea water or river water.Bernoulli Filters can be found all over the world, in over 80 countries, covering all continents. Bernoulli System has a global network of sales representatives and service technicians to assist customers with technical filter solutions and routine maintenance as well as emergencies.

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Skiffervägen 20 , Lund , S-224 78 Sweden
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Water Filtration and Separation
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Globally (various continents)
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Bernoulli System AB was founded in 1986, under the name Seacool AB. The objective was to design and develop sea water cooling systems. At the time, corrosion resistant titanium had become popular in heat exchangers and the pipe systems were often built in plastic material. However, automatic filters were still built in materials susceptible to corrosion. Effective filtration is vital to prevent heat exchangers from clogging.

Seacool AB invented a revolutionary filter with a concept based on Daniel Bernoulli’s equation formulated in the 18th century. The concept enabled manufacturing of filters in plastic material. The patented design was introduced in 1990, as a component of sea water systems.

The product was named Bernoulli Filter and in 1996, Seacool AB changed name to Bernoulli System AB. Today the filters are used successfully in a large number of different applications all over the world.

A natural physical phenomenon

Bernoulli System AB pioneered the application of Bernoulli's principle to water filtration. Bernoulli Filters harness the power of a natural physical phenomenon in order to create an ingeniously simple and highly reliable filtering operation and self-cleaning function. Bernoulli System AB's specialty is water filtration systems to protect plate heat exchangers but our filters are successfully used in a variety of different industrial and agricultural applications. During two decades, the company has developed extensive knowledge and experience of water systems and associated corrosion and clogging problems.

Bernoulli System develops and manufactures automatic filters for natural water with a minimum need of maintenance.

It is our objective to meet our customers’ requirements in every order. We believe in the principle that all staff is involved in the quality of our products and that each individual should feel his/her responsibility for it.

We are continually striving to improve our products and to give the best possible customer service. Deliveries shall take place in time and with the right quality and our customers should feel that they get personalized service and comprehensive solutions to their needs, as they come to us.

All employees are familiar with this, our quality policy and have a responsibility to follow it and to work to achieve set goals. We are also working continuously to improve our management system and to meet the demands placed on us.

It comes natural to us at Bernoulli System to work for a sustainable society. Through our commitment, we take our responsibility towards future generations gaining the opportunity to experience and enjoy fresh air, clean water, biodiversity and a living nature.

All employees have a joint responsibility for the environment, and environmental issues form an important part of our business. Our environmental commitment is based on all employees, customers and partners working towards long-term development of the society. By sustaining an active environmental program we minimize the company's environmental impact. We adapt and streamline our activities to be environmentally friendly, in accordance with the laws and requirements placed on us and we always strive to improve our environmental performance. We also strive to reduce environmental impact by using green vehicles and by coordinating and streamlining transportation whenever possible.

We are acting for resource-saving and non-toxic environmental cycles by the use of environmentally friendly products and by monitoring and reducing the use of chemicals by:

  • Efficient use of energy and materials.
  • Ensuring that all activities comply with applicable environmental rules and legal requirements.
  • Keeping our customers and suppliers informed about our environmental engagement.     
  • Actively working to improve our environmental engagement in all activities.     
  • Communicating our environmental policy to all employees and other stakeholders.
  • Managing business travels as efficiently as possible, from a temporal as well as environmental perspective.
  • Acting to limit products that are harmful to humans and environment.
  • Separating and disposing of hazardous waste.
  • Reducing waste volumes as well as use of materials and energy.