Betonsen Concrete Paver and Block Making Machines

Betonsen Concrete Paver and Block Making Machines

Betonsen Concrete ,Paving and Block Machines is proud to share its knowledge and experience’s that it has gained during a production life above 15 years. Betonsen’s who has managed to be a leader and Pioneer company in a very short time since its incorporation day ;most important principles are quality,service,delivery on time and economic price. Above 95 % of our products are stil being used in countries including Saudi Arabia Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, Egypt , Alegria, Libya, Georgia, Ucraine, Uganda, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia and others. ?he philosophy of the company is principle that “The assurance of success and durability at production are honestly and quality.” We are greatful for your interest and support and will continue the best services for you today and in the future.

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Ostim Sanayi Sitesi 1231 street Number: 10 , Ostim , ANKARA Turkey
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Business Type:
Industry Type:
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
Year Founded:
$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US

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Founder of the company Machine Engineer Mr. Murat Ilhan has been working as engineer administrator since 1994 in the fields of machinery production, heating-air conditioning-vantilation sectors, durable consumer goods and metal goods production. At the latest he has worked as senior-manager in the field of concrete paver and block making machines production.
Again one of the founder of the company Mr. Fehmi Şahin who has experience for 25 years about industrial manufacturing has been working as production manager for 15 years about concrete paver and block making machines. In the changing market situations to implement innovate projetcs Mr. Murat and Mr. Fehmi aimed to take place in the sector.

Founded in 2009 Betonsen Concrete Paver And Block Making Machines with it’s 1 engineer and 20 workers serves Turkish Industry in his own factory with 1200 m2 of manufacture area. Beginning it's activity with manufacturing of construction equipments and facilities BETONSEN gave big quantity of concrete paver and block making machines by signing significant agreements with many institutions of sector. Today BETONSEN who has became to a situation of exporting %70 of his products, now is making distributorship and agency contracts with many suppliers around the world continuously by introducing it’s products to everyone.

Our company; has aimed to be the leading organization in the field of concrete paver and block making machines sector. With it’s design, spare parts manufacture and supply, complete manufacture quality and labouring, installation, operation, training and after sales service quality, giving importance to scientific researches about the products which are being manufactured and with it’s experienced personels Betonsen has achieved to flood his brand name accross the borders of Turkey.

In Betonsen production occurs in various stages as a result of rigorous studies. Confirmed customer demads are transferred to project department, design studies are done (lay-out project, electric supply, water supply, air-pressure supply installation etc.), technical calculations and drawings for production are completed by expert project team for orders. Block and paver models are drawn and after receiving confirmation letter from the customer mould production starts. After technical drawings for product pressing boards are drawn they are being sent to the customer.

Production period; it consists of four main sections which are welding, machining, paint and automation system. Betonsen quality is provided;

  • with completely sertificated and experienced welders and painters whom do their job with thoroughness,
  • with one shaft or double shaft designed mixers which will give high quality concrete according to the need of all situations and types,
  • with concrete paver and block making machines which can bring capasitive usage so efficent,
  • with high quality hydraulic units and automation system which SIEMENS thechnology uses conbined with Italian and German Technologies.

After concrete paver and block making machine which is manufactured in four main sections is ready for transportation it is installed to the area, test run is being done and operator trainings are given by our experienced supervisors. At the end of training operator’s sertificates are given. After all delivery procedures are performed.

BETONSEN designs, produces and delivers the concrete paving and block-making machines and plants in time in such a way to fulfil the requests and expectations of the customer in compliance with the national and international standards. It acts with the principle of continuous improvement, just in time production and zero-defect in order to increase productivity and quality. It achieves all of its objectives with the mentality of production respectful to human health and environment and considering the happiness of its employees.

Our Quality Elements:
Ship’s command together with the certificates of conformity
Employee training


Betonsen, to meet the need of it’s customers, gives importance to R&D activities, owns strong projects and manufacturing subs-tructure, owns large accumulation of knowledge.
Betonsen’s biggest target is customer satisfaction by working customer-focused.

Betonsen by reaching to all aound the world, increases of it’s foreign market share continously

Betonsen has the capacity to manufacture 20 concrete paver and block making machines per year and is aiming to increase it’s capacity to 50 pieces per year coming 3 years to be known as world-wide company.


With the aim of presenting more functional and advantageous concrete paver and block making machines to the customer ‘’ Quality Product’’.

With the aim of full satisfaction the strategy of improving customer-focused.

Special solutions for our customers about concrete paver and block making machines with our expert team.

Besides maintaining our leadership in the domestic market to be most known and preferred company in the world market.

Without compromising quality to develop long lasting based on trust relationships with our customers and suppliers.


  • 2 years mechanical parts warranty.
  • Production on time.
  • Unlimited technical support.
  • 7/24 accesibilty.
  • Trust..

  • It climbed one step in energy class by increasing the product quality to a+ (a plus) level. It made 6% energy conservation.
  • it blazed a trail by increasing guarantee period to 2+2 total 4 years and emphasised product reliability one more time.
  • it strenghten its organisational structure as the owner of betonsen iso 9001:2008 qualiti management system.
  • it reached european standards with the statement of 'ce declaration of conformity' on all of its products.
  • it aimed to increase trained labour with the principle that “the quality of the employer determines the quality of the product”.
  • it started to work customer oriented and contained real and detailed information on its web page.
  • it published troubleshooting methods and maintenance instructions on its web page with the consciousness that “time is money”.
  • it ensured mutual trust by means of its attainability which is one of its main objectives, solution partnerships, agency and distributorship applications and the service in customer position conscious.
  • it published its codification and illustration works in order to facilitate the supply of spare parts.