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  • Esterifier Reactors

    Esterifier Reactors

    Want to use a High Free Fatty Acid (FFA) feedstock but don�t want a 5 hour boiling stage? Process Intensification can be applied to the acid esterification reaction as well, and BHR Biofuels Ltd have designed a pressurised continuous reactor system to achieve the reduction of FFA from 20% down to less than 2% in a remarkable 5 minutes reaction time. This reduces soap formation, reduces catalyst use and the methanol can be recycled for optimimum...

  • Transesterification Reactors - Continuous

    Transesterification Reactors - Continuous

    For production rates of 50 tonnes per day up to 400 tonnes per day, these continuous high mass-transfer reactors are designed and built to provide the best possible fully integrated, skid mounted system. They are designed around profiled mixing systems to enable the best reaction rates achievable with robust designs with no moving parts. They operate in transitional regimes with profiled mixing and flow regime to enable complete reaction in less...

  • Transesterification Reactors - Batch

    Transesterification Reactors - Batch

    BHR batch reactors can be designed with 500 litres to 1500 litres configurations, these systems are capable of making between 0.5 tonnes to 6 tonnes per day (depending on ancillary equipment). The systems use a pumped jet-mixed loop mixing system that obtains highly turbulent mixing, to achieve complete reaction in less than 60 minutes. Robust construction with welded stainless steel and full ATEX certification through independent assessment...