Bilfinger ensures that a refinery operates reliably, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We enable power plants to reach the highest possible levels of efficiency. We take care of facility management for entire companies, while also constructing high-quality buildings. And: we operate these buildings over their entire lifecycles. Like no other company, Bilfinger brings together two complementary characteristics: engineering competence and service mentality. For industrial companies, the energy sector and users of real estate, we are setting standards with our performance in countries throughout the world. High quality, technological competence and extensive experience are the foundations of our success. Everywhere we work, we ensure that our clients can concentrate on what they do best: their core business.

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Carl-Reiß-Platz 1-5 , Mannheim , 68165 Germany

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Business Type:
Engineering service provider
Industry Type:
Energy - Energy Utilities
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
Year Founded:
Over 1000
10,000,000 - 100,000,000 €

Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services

We offer our customers complex single-stop industrial services covering the entire life cycle of industrial assets using a high proportion of our own internal resources. We pool complementing activities and link them with planning, management and execution skills to provide integrated end-to-end full-service solutions. This is reflected in our our mission statement: We are BIS. We are Best In Solutions.

The BIS Group’s corporate structure comprises geographically aligned divisions which specialise in industrial services - and the cross-regional Plant Technologies division, which is active in the areas of engineering, piping and plant assembly. Established in 1887, BIS GmbH is organised as an independent subgroup within the Bilfinger Berger Multi Service Group and, with its roughly 31,000 employees and generated total revenues of over EUR 3.3 billion in 2011.

By concentrating on our core markets in the process industry, we are setting a clear priority which provides the high sector-oriented expertise which our customers have come to expect. The sectors which we address include refineries, the chemical/petrochemical industry, the pharmaceuticals industry, power stations/energy production - including conventional power stations as well as nuclear power and regenerative energies - the offshore industry, gas transportation and production, the aluminium and steel industry, the food industry, the paper industry and mechanical and plant engineering.

In these markets, BIS Group has made a name for itself as a choice industrial services partner, offering quality and reliability and thus guaranteeing the safety and availability of its customers’ industrial assets: WE SAY WHAT WE DO and WE DO WHAT WE SAY.

Since 2002 we are part of Bilfinger. As an engineering and services group, Bilfinger develops, builds, maintains and operates plants and buildings for infrastructure, real estate, industry and the energy sector.

At the core of our corporate culture stands credibility. The values which we have defined as crucial for our Company must be put into practice lest they deteriorate into nothing more than an empty promise. For this reason the benchmark by which we measure ourselves is what we do for our staff and the precautions which we take to prevent accidents and harm to the environment and property and to ensure legal and ethical activity.

In a living corporate organism characterised by open communications, staff know what is expected of them and what they can expect of their Company.

The Way We Think – Our Business Principles

BIS Groups clear position forms the foundation for the business principles which have been devised on the basis of the Group mission statement adopted by Bilfinger Berger SE. In our rapidly growing Company, they act as a vehicle transporting orientation, identity and an unmistakable profile transcending national borders and bridging differences in mentalities and temperaments.

More than just about any of its peers, BIS Group has made a crucial contribution to establishing industrial services as a separate sector by forging and uncompromisingly implementing this vision. Key determinants of its success include the pronounced orientation to customers, the high degree of self-initiative at all levels and an open communication style.

These success determinants are enshrined in BIS Groups business principles. “ACT together – ACT creatively – ACT confidently –
ACT smartly” – these four overarching imperatives supplement and reinforce each other, embodying the core statements with respect to the system of values which we are seeking to imbue with life at the level of the individual team and in the immediate working environment as well as in conjunction with other units both in the same region and internationally. This imperative flavour defines the style and content of the BIS business principles.

The Way We Act – Oriented to Employees

Today, industrial services compete with other sectors and must increasingly underscore the fact that they constitute an industry which offers appealing career prospects in all areas of corporate enterprise. Primarily, engineers in many different areas of specialisation as well as staff with technical qualifications or a background in craft trades are being sought. Yet, there is also a growing need in the commercial area. Consequently, an increasing number of university graduates as well as young career beginners are being recruited.

The BIS Group is committed to heightening its appeal as an employer not merely on account of its continued growth and rising recruiting requirements. In addition, we want staff to be proud of the shared success, enjoy what they do and identify with their Company. Accordingly, the Company’s human resource activities are targeted at strengthening employees’ motivation and encouraging them to indentify with their employer as well as enhancing their qualifications by means of further training.

These goals define the priorities for BIS Group’s human resource activities. This specifically entails giving employees a share in the Company’s success, supporting their own individual efforts to secure a prosperous future for themselves and investing more heavily in training and skills development.

The Way We Work – Our HSEQ Charter

More than any other subject, HSEQ, the abbreviation for 'health', 'safety', 'environment' and 'quality', is the international benchmark for responsible business. In a personnel-intensive sector such as industrial maintenance, site safety is of paramount importance. Put bluntly, a company loses all credibility if the individual is no longer seen as being important. Otherwise, a company is not considered to truly offer quality in its products and services as well as its business processes. Effective HSEQ programmes are what set top companies apart from the rest.

BIS Groups HSEQ campaign aims at heightening all employees' awareness of HSEQ on a sustained basis by seeking to transport a clear message: 'Zero Is possible! BIS. Believe In Safety.' It is up to each company, each department and each employee within the BIS Group to actively contribute to the new HSEQ campaign with its motto: 'We prevent accidents, environmental harm and damage to assets.' The progress which the Group has made in reducing accident frequency alone speaks for itself. In 2007, the lost time incident frequency reached 0.6, declining even further to 0.3 in 2008.

The key elements of the new HSEQ campaign entailed the establishment of the Central Technical Department/ HSEQ in 2007 and the adoption of a detailed HSEQ charter in 2008. This charter lays the foundations for the observance of such acknowledged safety standards as SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series), ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. This also involves a sophisticated communications and reporting system, processes for ongoing improvements and pronounced management awareness and responsibility.

The Way We Conduct Ourselves - Our Compliance Agenda

Corporate compliance forms a crucial part of all the processes and structures of a modern international company. For this purpose, corporate compliance is defined as the observance of and adherence to all statutory rules and regulations as well as ethic standards in all business and internal activities.

BIS Group’s corporate compliance system is based on the principles of conduct applicable throughout the entire Bilfinger Berger Group, the binding rules for relations with customers, business partners and employees and the behaviour guidelines, which describe the principles of conduct in greater detail.

BIS Group’s management is expressly committed to this compliance code and imposes on all employees the duty to adhere to it in all their activities. Failure to do so is neither accepted nor tolerated.

The BIS Group’s corporate compliance system is embedded in extensive information and training activities, clear guidelines as well as supervision and the documentation of processes.

Yet, corporate compliance not only entails the observance of all legal and ethical standards to avert harm from the Company. Beyond this, it is living corporate culture and a model of how we wish to be perceived in the market. In this sense, it forms a vital determinant of the Company’s long-term success.