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Bio-Microbics manufactures innovative, advanced wastewater treatment systems, septic system alternative products, and stormwater treatment that provide ideal solutions and water reuse opportunities for single-family & multi-family homes, clustered subdivisions, small communities and commercial properties around the world.

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Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment
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Globally (various continents)
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$10,000,000 US - $100,000,000 US

Simple - Low Cost - Robust

BioMicrobics has grown from one product focused on single-family, decentralized wastewater treatment into a multi-faceted corporation. 

Established in 1996, we are a global leader to provide advanced wastewater, water, greywater, and stormwater filtration treatment systems serving diverse markets.  With distributors in more than 70 countries and more than 65,000 installations worldwide, we provide end-clients with high-performance technology solutions for removing 90-99.9% of contaminants from polluted blackwater and greywater sources.

Our approach is unique in the decentralized wastewater industry as it adopts a total integrated water management strategy to develop solutions that maximize benefits and minimize life-cycle costs. As a solutions-driven company, we are committed to ongoing research and development of new and improved products. Our latest award-winning products includes secondary and tertiary treatment systems such as FAST, STAAR, RollsAIR, and BioBarrier, as well as d-Rain Joint, SaniTEE, FogHOG, LIXOR, Mighty Mike, BioSTORM, SciCHLOR, and our SciBRINE products. Our commitment to the continuous improvement of our products and services is integral to our total solutions approach. 

Along with Scienco/FAST and SeptiTech (both subsidiaries), our goal is to deliver water solutions that are better for the environment and better for the bottom line. We want to help clean the water in our world and produce simple, low cost, and robust technologies, devices, and products that deliver highly-effective, low maintenance and energy-efficient water treatment systems. We provide a high-quality turnkey, client-focused service from design through to commissioning, working closely with local councils, authorities, consulting engineers, and property developers to help them design the most appropriate system for their needs. BioMicrobics is committed to providing our clients with the highest standards of excellence not only in product delivery but also after-sales service. 

With this worldwide emphasis on environmental concerns and improving water quality, our pre-engineered, pre-packaged, certified, “Fixed Integrated Treatment Technologies” (FITT) are the result of decades of real-world operating history and proven results that offer significant environmental benefits…FITT for the Purpose Intended.

BioMicrobics is known for its sustainable water management systems and decentralized residential and commercial wastewater (blackwater/greywater) treatment technologies. International certified and proven, these systems have performed exceptionally well in achieving the new higher levels of nitrogen removal, achieve net-zero water, and optimal effluent quality with automated, energy efficiency that is required today.

Whether design-build projects or retrofits for property owners or “green-builders” wanting environmentally responsible on-site blackwater and/or greywater treatment systems, our expanded product offering can help provide clean treated wastewater for water reuse opportunities for sustainable home landscaping irrigation to meet onsite water conservation goals; we also provide other innovative stormwater plans.

Through a worldwide distributor network, BioMicrobics has been recognized as a leader in exporting our decentralized equipment with a 2012 Presidential “E” Award and 2016 Presidential “E Star” Award for Excellence in Exporting.  BioMicrobics recently awarded the “2017 North American Integrated Water Treatment Technology Leadership” Award from the Best Practices Team and Frost & Sullivan and received a 2017 Top 10 Green-Building Product Award from BuildingGreen, Inc. for our d-Rain Joint Device.

BioMicrobics Specializes in Treatment and Transfer Products
With tens of thousands of installations all over the world, the BioMicrobics Fixed Integrated Treatment Technology (FITT), such as our FAST and BioBarrier systems have been used successfully for the global onsite markets. BioMicrobics serves residential, commercial, marine wastewater, water reuse, and storm water markets:

  • Aeration, Equipment & Systems
  • Aerobic Treatment & Systems
  • Biological Nutrient Removal
  • Clarifiers
  • Decentralized Treatment Systems
  • Denitrification Equipment
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Grease Interceptors
  • Grease Removal Equipment
  • Membrane Biological Reactors
  • Nitrate Removal
  • Nitrogen Removal Equip & Supplies
  • Packing Media, Towers & Scrubbers
  • Septic System Enhancements & Accessories
  • Screening- Wastewater & Storm Water
  • Storm Water Filtration and Treatment Systems
  • Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Water Reuse Systems

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Innovation has always been the core of Scienco/FAST. Decades of experience has taught us that our pre-engineered, modular components provide good installations aboard vessels and platforms of all types. The company continues to expand its product offering to include other transfer, treatment devices, and components for a multitude of applications, nitrogen reduction, oil/water separators, grease removal, membranes, renovations, aeration and mixing, biological tablets, and various other screening/filtration devices.

As world leaders in the on-site wastewater treatment markets, BioMicrobics and Scienco/FASTprovide advanced technology for wastewater, stormwater, and water treatment industries. From its diverse past, Scienco/FAST has been a part of such influential companies as Morton Salt and Smith & Loveless, Inc.

Internationally recognized for quality products and top-notch field services, Scienco/FAST is a manufacturer specializing in marine sewage devices, biological tablets, and other industrial technologies. The origins of SCIENCO & FAST can be traced back to the 1940’s in St. Louis, MO.

MarineFAST Systems are commonly referred to as a Type II (two) MSD biological (aerobic digestion) treatment system. The Type II MSD systems are powerful, flow-through discharge devices and tested in conditions described in 33 CFR 159.121.

These devices do a better job of treating the waste and produce effluent having a fecal coliform bacteria count no greater than 200/100 milliliters, with suspended solids no greater than 150 milligrams/liter. All FAST units are fully certified by USCG under U.S. and IMO regulations.

The first installation of a FAST system was 1969 aboard a river tugboat, M/V Missouri.  Originally developed as a solution for the changing regulations aboard vessels and the Clean Water Act of 1972, this sparked a full-scale production of the FAST family of products. From this interesting beginning, tens of thousands of installations of FAST systems are now operating quietly in Residential, Commercial, Municipal, Industrial, and marine properties and applications located around the world.

As a fixed-film integrated treatment technology system, MarineFAST’s unique and patented process is the result of many years of research, and continuous service. Microorganisms normally found in sewage grow on fixed Media in an oxygen-rich environment and use incoming sewage as food. The process produces a clear, odorless effluent in one step.

Benefits of MarineFAST

  • Natural Biological Process. The most widely used method of sewage treatment in the world! It is economical, reliable, and effective.
  • Superior Technology. “Fixed Integrated Treatment Technology” (FITT) approved for both marine and land use.
  • No Adjustments. Self-regulating, it handles surges, overloads, and light loads without problems.
  • Flexible. Handles any combination of fresh water or seawater sewage. MarineFAST works equally well in fresh, salt or brackish water, and accommodates rapid changes in salinity associated with coastal sailing.
  • Compact/Lightweight. Typically half the operating weight of competing units.
  • Operator Friendly. Simple and rugged, does not depend upon the skill of the operator.
  • Corrosion-Resistant. Will not rust or degrade in seawater.
  • Proven. Since 1969, approximately tens of thousands FAST Systems have been delivered. Virtually all remain in everyday operation.
  • Certified. A FAST system will keep you in compliance worldwide. FAST Systems can meet the most stringent standards worldwide.
  • Easy Maintenance. Clogging is practically impossible. The Media never requires replacement. The only maintenance is adding chlorine tablets.
  • Universally Adaptable. A wide variety of disinfection methods and accessories are available to meet your particular treatment requirements.

Simply the Best

FAST (MicroFAST, RetroFAST, HighStrengthFAST, NitriFAST, MyFAST and MarineFAST systems are inherently self-regulating, with no adjustments required. The ratio of microorganisms to sewage is much higher than in extended aeration systems. This “fly-wheel effect” permits  the FAST process to handle the wide variations in loading typical of service. Surge loads at change of watch and temporary changes do not adversely affect effluent quality. And, the performance of the MarineFAST system is not dependent on the skill of the operator.

The water in the Media Tank is clear because the microbial culture is attached to the Media rather than being kept in suspension, as is done in extended aeration systems. Additionally, MarineFAST does not require a separate clarifier or settling tank, thereby eliminating the serious operating problems associated with clarifiers, such as variable effluent quality, periodic foul odors and the need for frequent adjustments.

Inside each FAST system is a unique, aerobic, attached-growth process. Microorganisms normally found in sewage become “fixed” or attached to stationary media where the abundant, diverse and self-regulating population of microbes consistently digests incoming waste. This process allows each FAST system to handle wide variations in loading that are typical with service. FAST also accepts and treats any combination of sewage, including: conventional and vacuum toilets, laundry, garbage disposals and showers.

Our experienced engineering staff will be pleased to assist you in selecting the best treatment and transfer system; and help you bring your project into compliance and keep it there at the lowest total cost.

Scienco/FAST has developed MarineFAST to help Chief Engineers and vessel operators manage/treat wastewater produced by their passenger ships

With decades of real-world operating history of more than 60,000 installations in over 70 countries, BioMicrobics, Scienco/FAST, and SeptiTech provides “Integrated Water Treatment Solutions” through a worldwide distributor network.  Demonstrating a commitment to society,  the company has revolutionized the water treatment industry with its alternatives to conventional methods of sewage treatment to deploy sustainable solutions that exceed performance, public health standards, water quality requirements, and safety standards for treatment of water, wastewater, stormwater, greywater, and marine sewage.  BioMicrobics has been recognized as a leader in exporting our decentralized equipment with a 2012 Presidential (USA) “E” Award and 2016 Presidential (USA) “E Star” Award for Excellence in Exporting.

Focusing on the capacity flows for crew and passengers (whether from 1 to 2000+) for domestic or commercial (high) strength of wastewater being produced on the vessel and how it will be stored and transferred prior to, and after, treatment, the Ship operators must ensure that their passenger vessels do not discharge untreated, diluted and chemically contaminated wastewater into the sea or other waterways to comply with permitted effluent standards.