Bio-Science Environmental Services, Inc

Bio-Science Environmental Services, Inc

Bio-Science Environmental Services is a multi-disciplined professional service organization specializing in solving environmental problems in water and buildings. Since 1984, Bio-Science has occupied a leadership position in environmental remediation, pioneering effective technology processes and design systems to address hazardous and persistent problem conditions that threaten the health and welfare of many people.

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Service provider
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Site Remediation
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Nationally (across the country)

Bio-Science Environmental, Inc. is a multi-disciplined professional service organization specializing in:

  • Petro-Chemical Soil and Groundwater Contamination Remediation
  • Odor Contamination Remediation
  • Toxic Mold Remediation
  • Phosphorous Removal in Contaminated Waters
  • Toxic Algae Remediation

Since 1984, Bio-Science has performed environmental remediation on across a wide variety of concerns. Bio-Science has developed micro-organism and enzymatic processes to address hazardous conditions that threaten the health and welfare of the public.

Through extensive experimentation and research, Bio-Science has developed specialized products and delivery methods that have enabled us to succeed where others have failed.

Since 1984, Bio-Science has used its superior technology for treatment of soil and groundwater contamination resulting from underground storage tank leaks at gasoline station throughout Northeast. Through a unique and proprietary delivery system, Bio-Science infuses a special enzyme and microbial formula into the ground. Our product simply consumed and digested the contamination. The technology enables us to break through the cell walls of the contaminant so that the microbes could consume the contaminant.

Odor Contamination

 After the initial success of our soil remediation technology, we reformulated our product to target another problem area: offensive odors. We began with pig farms in Iowa in the early 1990’s and expanded into various car rental agencies to eliminate the smell of smoke from their vehicles. We also have been instrumental in eliminating odor from discharge stacks at waste treatment plants, including the Connecticut Resources Recovery plant in Hartford, the Municipal Treatment Facility in Bristol, RI, and more (see references). The most common approach to odor contamination is to employ a simple masking agent, a fragrance more powerful than the offending odor; but this approach ignores the actual cause of the odor, and concentrates entirely on masking the smell; results vary, but generally speaking, the effect is temporary and incomplete at best. The reformulated Bio-Science product consumes and digests the actually contaminant, completely eliminating the cause of the odor thereby producing superior results for our highly satisfied clients.

Toxic Mold

Following our successful development of our odor remediation, Bio-Science developed a new formulation for remediation of toxic mold. Toxic mold contamination emerged as a threat to health and welfare in the workplace, at school, and in the home. Allergic reactions to mold run the gamut from rashes and wheezing, to congestion and shortness of breath, to asthma and chronic fatigue, to bleeding in the lungs and in some instances, death. Direct consequences include illnesses, absenteeism, impaired performance, decreased efficiency, job dissatisfaction, and more. Business concerns include morale and productivity, on up to increased costs for training new personnel, legal fees for defending lawsuits, increased insurance costs, punitive damages awards, embarrassing publicity, damaged reputations, and property losses.

Through extensive research and experimentation with thousands of microscopic natural organisms, Bio-Science developed a microbial formula that responds to mold as a nutrient source. The formula, named TM-100, consists of a combination of hydrolyzed proteins, photolytic enzymes, and other selected enzymes. These microbes are living things that must eat to survive. When combined with our proprietary enzyme activation and bacteria activation technology, a natural biochemical reaction results when they come into contact with the offending toxic mold spores. The microbes in TM-100 actually consume and digest the toxic mold, first breaking down the spore cell wall, then entering the cell and consuming the contents. The process is really no different from the work that Bio-Science has done in oil spill remediation over the years; we have simply re-formulated to target a different contaminant. TM- 100 is one hundred percent organic and safe for humans.

Delivery of TM-100 is accomplished through a state-of- the-art atomization technology, wherein the formula is introduced as a fine mist by trained professionals. As opposed to chemical processes that introduce their own toxins as well, TM-100 is not a surface-only treatment; the microbes in TM-100 penetrate deep into walls, ceilings, carpets, furniture, and so on, relentlessly searching for the nutrient source, migrating from one area to another in this quest. So long as the nutrient is contiguous to the area upon which TM-100 was applied, the microbes will, once they have digested the original mold spores present in and on the material to which they have been applied, move beyond that area to surrounding surfaces that have additional nutrient sources, consuming and digesting all contamination in their path until there is nothing left. They work quickly; in most instances, facilities treated with TM-100 after close of business on Friday afternoon, are safe for human occupancy by Monday morning. In many instances, wholesale demolition and rebuilding is not required, except of course, repair of the leak that has facilitated the growth of mold in the first place.

Phosphorous Removal in Contaminated Waters

Bio-Science has developed and is currently developing new technologies for the removal of phosphorous in contaminated waters. Phosphorous contamination is a problem occurring more and more throughout the world. Phosphorous is a common component of fertilizer and is commonly introduced into waters through over fertilization of surrounding land, groundwater runoff and soil erosion into water bodies. Although phosphorous is an essential for all life, levels exceeding 40 ppb are considered toxic by the EPA. Higher levels of phosphorous in waters lead to eutrophication or out of control growth of algae and other microorganisms. Eutrophication of water in turn leads to oxygen depletion of water with adverse effects on fish, plant life and recreational activities. Public beaches and water bodies across the US are currently experiencing major problems resulting in reduced use or shut down. Bio-Science’s new technology will remove phosphorous from water by a complex process that causes phosphorous to precipitate out of the solution.

Toxic Algae Remediation

As stated in phosphorous contamination remediation, excess levels of phosphorous in water bodies often leads to the growth of toxic algae and other microorganisms. Toxic algae can kill fish, contaminate drinking water, make waters unsafe to drink, and create odor problems. Toxic algae can be found throughout the US and the great lakes as well as other countries such as Canada, China and India. Bio-Science has developed a new product that can be used to eliminate toxic algae. It is currently being tested on contaminated waters in Florida and should be ready for use no later than the fall of 2016.