Bio-Tec Environmental LLC

Bio-Tec Environmental LLC

Bio-Tec Environmental, LLC is a leader in biodegradable plastics technology Bio-Tec Environmental was established in 2003 by John Lake. John is the founder, CEO, and innovator behind the EcoPure technology. EcoPure is an organic additive that enhances the biodegradation* of traditional plastic products when placed in a biologically active landfill environment. Bio-Tec Environmental and all of our employees are devoted to an environmentally-conscious solution to the ongoing problem of global plastic contamination. Bio-Tec has found one step toward that solution, in the introduction of EcoPure additives, which enhance the biodegradability* of traditional plastic products. We work with hundreds of converters, brand owners and retailers around the world who apply our EcoPure technology into their end products. The EcoPure additive can give traditional plastics a new end of life solution. EcoPure is one real world solution for the real world problem of global plastic pollution.

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7009 Prospect Avenue NE Suite 202 , Albuquerque , NM 87110 USA
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EcoPure Distribution
Bio-Tec Environmental has sales and distribution representatives all over the globe and through this extended reach, more and more plastic products are being treated with EcoPure® everyday. Visit our interactive distribution map to find an EcoPure® distributor in your area, or contact Bio-Tec here.

By introducing EcoPure® additives to the world of manufacturing, we are able to begin to aid the environment in an effective way. Strategically partnering with larger firms, we can help them bring biodegradation* enhanced plastic products and packaging to the marketplace. These products are cost effective for the client and maintain all of the advantages traditional plastic resins offer to produce durable consumer goods.

Our goal at Bio-Tec Environmental is to bring to our customers, a solution for their environmental concerns. We thank you for your interest in EcoPure® and look forward to your help in cleaning up the environment.

Sustainability Mission
Sustainability is defined by the Environmental Protection Agency as “an attempt to provide the best outcomes for the human and natural environments both now and into the indefinite future.” But, the most popular definition of sustainability can be traced back to a United Nations (UN) conference in 1987. It defined sustainable developments as those that “meet present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs” (WECD, 1987).

Bio-Tec Environmental’s mission is to use our developments in biodegradation* enhancing technology, the EcoPure additive, to help our clients be successful in their business goals, without compromising the environment for future generations.

The problem of global plastic waste and pollution continues to grow as more and more societies around the world are becoming dependent on the convenience, durability, and economy of plastic goods. Read more about the abundance of plastic waste here. EcoPure, producing treated plastic products that show accelerated biodegradation* in biologically active landfill environments, is a real world solution to this mounting problem.

Social Responsibility
Bio-Tec Environmental supports many environmental and non-profit organizations for the environmental stewardship that we would like to pass on to future generations. Global plastic pollution is just one of the daunting environmental problems facing our society today.

Bio-Tec and our affiliates support many well deserving organizations. Causes include support for efforts for clean water in impoverished countries, Carbon offsets to reduce climate impact, endangered species protection, and nature conservation.