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  • Soil & Water

  • Biological Soil Remediation Services

    Biological Soil Remediation Services

    Design and supervision of bioremediation is one of our specalisms. In order to achieve a sustainable, cost effective and robust approach to tackling your soil contamination we use biological conversion and degradation processes in the soil. Whenever the soil itself is able to break down the contamination we refer to this as natural degradation or natural attenuation (NA). In other cases the degradation can be stimulated by adding doses of additives...

  • Area-Oriented Groundwater Management Services

    Area-Oriented Groundwater Management Services

    Bioclear provides its clients with a thorough assessment of the various area-oriented options and develops this into practical implementation programmes supplemented with the necessary policy-supporting documents.

  • Biobased Production

  • Green Chemistry Services

    Green Chemistry Services

    On behalf of industrial and SME clients, Bioclear explores the possibilities of a more sustainable (re)use of residual flows, ensures that the entire chain required is developed and helps to implement the solution.

  • Safety & Process Control

  • Biocorrosion Services

    Biocorrosion Services

    Corrosion is, in principle, an electrochemical process, but can be caused or accelerated by microbiological activities. This is referred to as 'biocorrosion'. It is estimated that biocorrosion is responsible for 30-50% of all cases of corrosion. Biocorrosion causes localised corrosion problems in unexpected places and occurs faster than normal corrosion (10-100 times).

  • Biofouling Services

    Biofouling Services

    Biofouling is the unwanted growth of microorganisms on surfaces. In the industrial sector it usually results in additional costs and downtimes because cleaning and maintenance are required more frequently. Biofouling can also have an effect on the efficiency of processes, for example in heat exchangers because of a reduction in heat transfer, or a lowering of flow speeds. Biofouling can also lead to biocorrosion which in turn causes material damage.