Biodermol Ambiente S.r.l.

Biodermol Ambiente S.r.l.

We are convinced that in various industrial processes it is possible to replace the use of chemical substances that have an impact on the environment with entirely biodegradable biological products. Biodermol’s philosophy is based on the consideration that a responsible approach is, in fact, more convenient. In the long-term, the use of biodegradable microorganisms will result in significant energy-savings due to lower management and waste recovery costs.” Dario and Mauro Baruchelli. Biological formulations for civil and industrial water treatment plants. Biolake is a mixture of thermostable catalytic enzymes associated with facultative bacteria, which ensures water treatment in natural and artificial lakes, such as in cases of stagnatbn or poor water circulation.

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Via G. di Vittorio, 91 , Lavis (TN) , 38015 Italy
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Chemical Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We develop our products starting from customer needs, to ensure customised solutions suitable to their specific case and to provide them with technical assistance on application.

Our commitment has been partly rewarded by the years, a guarantee of our reliability the certificates we have obtained over
ISO  9001 :  Since   1998,   we   have  guaranteed   our   partners the   best   quality   and traceab.Jty o^processes

ISO   14001   :   Since   201£   Biodermol   has   been   complying   with   the   environmental management  standard   that  defines   the   organisational   structure   and   responsibilities required to manage a company's environmental objectives: The most  authoritative point of   reference   in   the   world   as   regards   the   development   of   the   environmental management system.  
SA 8000 : stage of its Since 2013, Biodermol has been a production cycle. certified ethical supply chain at every
OHSAS 180015007 : Since 2016, Biodermol has and Safety of Workers Management System.* operated in compliance  with the Health