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  • Potable Water Treatment Services

    Potable Water Treatment Services

    We provide Packaged Water Treatment Plant which includes softeners, filters, reverse osmosis, deionization and dealkalizers. We also specialize in customized design, product handling, installation and customer support services.

  • Lift Pumping Station Services

    Lift Pumping Station Services

    We can fabricate miscellaneous metal like bins, tanks, custom fabrication, machining, material handling equipment and similar products, structural steel and other items. Biodisk personnel can do shipping, installation, start up and commissioning for mine site. We have the capability of shipping large items by boat to the Lake Head, by rail and truck.

  • BIODISK - Operation and Maintenance Services

    BIODISK - Operation and Maintenance Services

    The BIODISK has several unique properties making it a desirable system for ease of operation and maintenance such as: Low power consumption, no field tests, long-term biosolids (sludge) storage, no odour, built-in multi-stage process utilizes naturally occurring microbes, low operator skill requirements, operator intervention is limited to preventative maintenance and periodic sludge withdrawal.