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Bioengineering Group

Founded in 1992, Bioengineering Group is commemorating 20 years of Sustainability Leadership. We have been a pioneer in the field of ecosystem restoration and the application of sustainability principles to site planning, and development, transportation, and stormwater management. We provide a full range of scientific, engineering, landscape planning, design, and construction services. We are guided by our sincere belief in our mission statement: Building sustainable communities on an ecological foundation.

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18 Commercial Street , Salem , Massachusetts 01970 USA

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Distinguished by its interdisciplinary staff of ecologists, earth scientists, engineers, construction managers, energy experts, and landscape design professionals, Bioengineering Group helps clients realize the benefits of applying sustainability principles to site planning and development projects. They are award winning experts in the most progressive and creative sustainable design work featuring water and energy conservation, ecological restoration, low impact development, and renewable energy strategies, including putting policy-into-practice; research-into-practice; and SUSTAINABILITY-into-PRACTICE. We are not newcomers to the practice of sustainability.  We are recognized as leaders who have shaped its practice for over 20 years.

Many projects include integrated solutions linking smart water and energy management, often through re-defining the way our clients understand their problems, so that a less costly and more sustainable solution may be achieved.  Some examples over the last two decades include the creation of urban stormwater wetlands for water quality improvement in a dense urban setting; restoration of critical endangered species habitat on the site of a large coal-fired power plant; development of a regional-scale plan integrating commercial transportation corridors, recreational pathways, public open space; and the geomorphic and ecological restoration of streams, wetlands, and salt marshes in conjunction with hydropower operations. Recent highlights include levees, floodwalls, gates, and pump stations in Greater New Orleans; three first-ever LEED-based facilities for the US Army Corps of Engineers; New York Harbor regional  dredged material management planning; and research and development as well as professional services for renewable energy planning, permitting, engineering, and financing, building energy assessment, and Net-Zero installations.

We are integrators, seeking to find solutions that reduce land use impacts while emphasizing regionally and site-appropriate solutions that are cost-effective, multi-functional, and easily maintained. We firmly believe in a design process that involves stakeholders and seeks their input and review. We have broad experience crafting solutions by first finding common ground and then building on that foundation to arrive at a design that meets the mutually agreed goals and objectives for the project. Whether a project is small and focused or large and complex, we are committed to helping our clients accomplish their goals, complying with a complex array of environmental laws and regulations, and, consistent with our mission, building sustainable communities on an ecological foundation. Sustainability is not real unless and until it integrates cost-effectiveness with benefits to ecosystems and to society.  We have successfully integrated these triple bottom line parameters of profits, planet, and people many times.

About Our Logo: We chose a leaf as one of the most mundane, magical, and powerful elements of nature: it provides beauty, photosynthesis, food, shade, habitat, and even building materials.  Our logo symbolizes using vegetation to handle water in urban settings, recognizing trees as the cornerstone of climate change solutions, and tapping the power of plants to capture energy from the sun to drive a host of important physical, chemical, and biological processes at the landscape scale.  The juxtaposition of the leaf, the water drop, and the cityscape remind us that the built environment is not separate from the natural world, and that flows of energy and water connect everything on our planet. We believe our logo captures the essence of our mission statement: Building Sustainable Communities on an Ecological Foundation. It features the leaf of the River Birch (Betula nigra) which is an important riparian species, at home in pristine as well as disturbed sites, native throughout North America.