Biogas Technology Limited

Biogas Technology Limited

Biogas Technology Limited

Established in 1988 Biogas Technology Ltd brings together the resources and expertise to lift the burden of risk, liability and finance faced by landfill site operators, and to help you capitalise on commercial opportunities. Biogas Technology Ltd has been able to provide the infrastructure and engineering support to projects producing in excess of 90MW of renewable energy from landfill gas within the UK and throughout Europe. The company continues to provide a wide range of services and products to help landfill owners and operators meet their site licence and environmental objectives. Biogas Technology Ltd has been able to provide high quality engineering and technical skills required to successfully capture, recover and process landfill gas and create carbon credits which contributes to the world wide efforts to reduce global warming.

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6 Brookside Industrial Estate , Sawtry , Cambridgeshire PE28 5SB United Kingdom
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Renewable Energy
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Globally (various continents)

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While still providing a high level of service to the UK and European Landfill sector Biogas Technology Ltd has continued to increase its global activity through strategic partnerships and ventures in many emerging markets countries as diverse as Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, United Arab Emirates, China, Poland and many more. With the recognition of landfill gas methane as a potent contributor to the global green house gas effect and global warming.

Biogas Technology is a company dedicated to the provision of equipment and services to landfill site owners and operators, including the control of landfill gas migration, the management of leachate and coal mine methane

Since acquiring the business, our shareholders have undertaken a substantial programme of investment in order to enable the company to meet the rapidly developing needs of landfill site operators and owners.

This investment has included the development of a new range of advanced modular equipment for the management of landfill gas and leachate as well as computer aided design and associated systems to ensure that our equipment is designed and built to a consistently high quality standard. The company currently has a turnover in the region of £4.0m and employs some 40 staff at its Cambridgeshire base.

The accumulated experience of the company and its predecessor, Realmside Engineering, goes back to 1986 and the birth of the landfill gas management industry in the UK. Today's technology has evolved through experience of the industry's successes (and failures) over the years, and with the requirements of present and future regulations in mind. Biogas provide a technology lead to the industry, as exemplified in today's range of equipment and services.

Through partnership with our associated company ENER-G Natural Power and the ENER-G Group Plc, Landfill gas utilisation schemes are an option which may be operated in partnership with site owners.

Biogas is able to use to use its experience in the management of landfill gas to offer the integration of such gas utilisation schemes with migration control systems, removing this potential area of conflict and maximising the all round benefit for the site operator.

Our main objective is to reduce emissions of harmful greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, and we achieve this by providing the latest technology and solutions for efficient use of such resources.

Our purpose is to develop projects that are beneficial to the environment, and our policy is to comply with all environmental laws and regulations.

We strive to preserve natural resources to the maximum extent practicable by developing and selling the latest technology and solutions for efficient use of such resources.

We will also endeavour to conduct all of our business operations in such a way as to minimize any adverse impact on the environment.

In expressing this concern as part of our daily activity and in acting upon this premise, we endeavour to be recognised as exemplary in this field.

Biogas Technology is a company dedicated to the provision of equipment and services to landfill site owners and operators

We will provide a healthy and safe working environment at all sites and facilities and take adequate steps to prevent accidents and injury to health arising from the course of work by minimizing, so far as is reasonably practicable, the causes of hazards inherent in the working environment.

A Commitment to Quality

Fieldwork and associated services are an integral part of Biogas Technology's unrivalled capability in landfill environmental management.

We have earned a reputation for innovation in the application of technology and for excellence in the quality of service we offer our clients.

Our standard procedures meet the requirements for IS0 9001:2000 accreditation, and we operate our own ongoing staff training programme.

All site work is carried out in accordance with established safety procedures and specific site regulations.