BioGenesis Enterprises, Inc.

BioGenesis Enterprises, Inc.

BioGenesis creates value added solutions through advanced and sustainable environmental services for the toughest remediation challenges around the world. Established in 1989, BioGenesis was founded with the intent to offer safe and cost effective environmental services with the least environmental impact while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. Since its founding, BioGenesis has developed and manufactured remediation products and services for the oil and gas, industrial, agriculture and waste industries. The company has completed projects in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. BioGenesis’ EPA approved, patented Sediment Washing Technology is the world leader for decontaminating the most formidable and industrial-challenging contaminants for projects involving fine particles or sediments impacted with mixed contaminants.

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7221 S 10th Street , Oak Creek , WI 53154 USA

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Service provider
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Site Remediation
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Globally (various continents)
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The company’s development and role in large-scale land oil spill remediation continues today with its participation in oil field remediation in the Middle East. This project is expected to continue for several years.

BioGenesis’ vision is to continue expanding and diversifying its chemical formulations and technologies to target the most challenging global remediation needs, while continuing to provide the highest level of service to its customers and stakeholders.


We are continuously diversifying our skill set and developing new processes to better target the complex challenges associated with the environments and industries we serve.


We incorporate social and environmental responsibility into all business relationships and practices. BioGenesis is driven to make decisions and take action to protect and conserve natural resources while balancing environmental, social and economical needs. We consider both the immediate impact of our practices and their long-term implications essential to maintaining or improving the environment.


Protecting the health and safety of our employees and stakeholders is a top priority. We incorporate safety and risk assessment procedures into all levels of our operations and company structure