bioGRASS EXTRA® - A Green Solution for Restoration and Remediation. Disintegrate pollution upon contact. That means it is a real remediation! Cleaning is just one of the many other benefits provided. What is bioGRASS EXTRA®? It is a tensoactive linear surfactant, totally vegetable that induces an oxidation - reduction and physical chemistry caused by electrolysis on the contaminated body, resulting in an exchange of electrons between molecules. Thus, the hydrocarbon molecular chain is broken, resulting in the loss of well-known characteristics such as adhesion, viscosity and aroma. Highlights: • US patented product • EPA listed • Included and listed in the NCP • Concentrated • 100% vegetable origin • Works upon contact • Water based For use in: • Sand and soil remediation process • Water bodies remediation process • Tanks, facilities and platforms • Congenital water remediation process • Cleansing and save of birds, marine life, wildlife, plants,

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Site Remediation
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Globally (various continents)