Biomass Power Limited (BPL) is a market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of biomass power stations. BPL have developed a highly optimised process of staged gasification and combustion, enabling the efficient generation of clean power from a range of biomass fuels, including energy crops, agricultural and forestry residues or biomass segregated from commercial and industrial waste streams. All parts of the biomass power plant are factory fitted and skid mounted to ensure a tested, quality assured sum of process parts that are delivered as an `easy fit` assembly. This modular approach ensures an economical, efficient, perfect fit to suit all requirements. BPL`S standard range of market designed modules with outputs from 1 MWe to 20 MWe can be combined to create any size power station.

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Lichfield Road , Stafford , ST17 4BQ ST17 4BQ United Kingdom

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Energy - Bioenergy
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Internationally (various countries)

The Biomass Power Advantage

Our aim is to own and operate biomass power stations with our venture partners. This approach is unique to Biomass Power Ltd as we combine financial investment with the most up to date gasification steam cycle technology. Biomass Power Ltd will work within its partnerships making our joint aspirations possible.

Biomass Power Ltd’s highly optimised process of staged gasification with steam cycle ensures that we meet the criteria of advanced conversion technology without the technology risk. Biomass Power has developed standard modules which produce green energy from a range of fuels segregated from commercial, industrial and domestic waste streams. Also simpler fuels like waste wood agricultural residues and purposely grown biomass are suitable, offering greater future fuel flexibility than any of our competitors.

Once we have completed our business review and helped the partnership to answer all the investor community’s standard questions, the investment will be made by our broad spectrum of investment partners who have invested into our projects before.

Biomass Power Ltd's In house engineering uses a range of tools to assist in the engineering of process including Computerised Fluid Dynamics; Computer Aided Design, three dimensional design and virtual reality simulations.

This winning combination of our financial commitment backing our proven technology capability makes Biomass Power Ltd the perfect partner choice for your biomass power station needs.

Biomass Power have handled almost every type of solid fuel from straight forward chipped trees, energy crops and agricultural residues, to the segregated biomass fraction of municipal, industrial and commercial waste streams.

The main factors which affect the efficiency of the plant are fuel type and plant size.

When designing the plant, the fuel will affect the quality of the steam, the higher the quality of steam the more power it will produce. Efficiency gains can also be achieved through turbine selection, the more stages a turbine has, the more efficient it is. Hence larger plants can deliver greater efficiency.

Biomass Power can produce guaranteed electrical efficiency 'fuel to buzz bar' using well proven robust steam boiler technology.

Biomass Power can guide you to the best fit for your future plans and finances when given an idea of the fuel or fuels you would like to use, the output required and / or the space available.

BPL has the local and global environment at the heart of its company policies and any BPL power plant development considers first and foremost local sensitivities, global emission standards and CO2 reduction targets.

BPL's system design and highly optimised control strategy ensures compliance with any national or international emissions standards and boasts market place proof of meeting all the challenges that modern day society demands.

  • Buildings have been constructed from 12-15m in height
  • Emissions achieved on working plants are half of what the allowable limits of the national environmental standards dictate
  • Noise has been attenuated from ambient noise levels as low as 35dBA

Biomass Power can produce guaranteed electrical efficiency 'fuel to buzz bar' using well proven robust steam boiler technology.