Biomedical Waste Services

Biomedical Waste Services

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  • Handling and Disposal Services

  • Medical Waste Disposal Services

    Medical Waste Disposal Services

    BWS provides comprehensive infectious waste disposal services to over 5,000 generators each month. BWS provides all sizes of wall, desktop and floor sharps containers. We also provide a complete range of medical waste containers, including cardboard boxes with plastic red bag liners, toters and carts  whatever packaging system the generator prefers.

  • Data Destruction Services

    Data Destruction Services

    BWS will work with generators to manage their entire document waste stream. We provide lockable bins and toters for handling confidential records prior to BWS pick up. On a schedule determined by the generator, BWS’s trained and certified staff empty/replace these containers. The contents are then locked in our vehicle and transported directly to BWS’s secure warehouse and shredding facility. There the materials are weighed, shredded,...

  • Universal Waste Services

    Universal Waste Services

    In an effort to simplify and therefore increase compliance, certain wastes which would otherwise be regulated as hazardous have been designated “Universal Waste” by the Federal and State environmental protection agencies. BWS will help your facility design and implement comprehensive internal collection and waste management programs that will deliver full regulatory compliance and minimize treatment and recovery handling expense.