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  • Commercial & Multi/Mixed-Use Properties Solutions - Advanced  Wastewater for Commercial Properties

    Offers versatility and consistent high performance for properties with high strength wastewater.

  • NitriFAST - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    NitriFAST - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    The NitriFAST is designed to meet higher levels of nitrogen reduction for systems with direct discharge into lakes, streams and lagoons or properties with higher levels of ammonia influent. Designed for “second stage” following a MicroFAST system to meet higher levels of nitrogen reduction, ideal for high ammonia waste stream, such as schools and direct discharge into lakes, streams lagoons or properties near environmentally-sensitive...

  • HighStrengthFAST - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    HighStrengthFAST - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Unobtrusive and dependable, the FAST system handles smaller, variable flows generated from onsite applications. The clean effluent prevents biomat formation and leachfield clogging. This septic technology is very compatible with shallow drip, direct discharge, pressure distribution, spray irrigation, and conventional leachfield. Available to meet the needs and challenges of commercial properties and other high-strength waste applications, these...

  • SeptiTech STAAR - Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems

    SeptiTech STAAR - Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems

    The SeptiTech STAAR Filter Systems are designed for residential and commercial properties with minimal operator oversight, while delivering consistently high-quality treatment. Utilizing an enhanced, biological, unsaturated media filter process, the SeptiTech STAAR Systems are ETV-EPA verified and NSF/ANSI Standard 40/245 certified.