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  • Residential & Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems

    A popular alternative to conventional septic systems, our products are sure to meet any of your residential needs.

  • RetroFITT-ee - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    RetroFITT-ee - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    RetroFITT-ee systems are designed for residential strength wastewater in 3 specific sizes. Designed for enhancing or repairing existing septic systems that have biologically failed, the RetroFITT-ee system inserts into an existing 16″ manhole without the need for heavy equipment. A very cost effective solution that meets environmental standards with long term results.

  • MicroFITT-ee - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    MicroFITT-ee - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    MicroFITT-ee wastewater treatment systems are designed for residential strength wastewater in eight specific sizes based on daily wastewater usage. Finding the right FITT-ee system for your project can be as simple as knowing the residential flow from the source of the wastewater.

  • RetroFAST - Septic System Enhancement

    RetroFAST - Septic System Enhancement

    This high-performance “submerged aerated biological filter” provides proven treatment of residential (domestic-strength) wastewater installed either in an existing tank or for new construction. The RetroFAST wastewater treatment systems are designed in 3 specific sizes for 1 to up to 8 persons living on the property. Ideal for upgrading a conventional septic system, the RetroFAST enhances or repairs an existing septic systems that have...

  • MicroFAST - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    MicroFAST - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    Simple Works on Any Scale! Using MicroFAST Systems solves most onsite wastewater treatment issues. This simple, low-cost, and robust technology is recommended for various residential/commercial property needs for any size from upgrading existing systems to new construction. With a small footprint, the MicroFAST system is integrated into a standard septic tank and does not require additional space. Naturally, the MicroFAST offers higher levels of...

  • HighStrengthFAST - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    HighStrengthFAST - Wastewater Treatment Systems

    HighStrengthFAST wastewater treatment systems are ideally suited for use in commercial properties such as restaurants, schools, trailer parks, office buildings and other high-strength waste applications. Commercial facilities are among the most challenging projects, often having biological loading (BOD) and Fat, Oil, and Grease (FOG) levels that are significantly higher than standard sanitary-strength sewage. Certain applications have additional...

  • MyFAST - Wastewater Treatment System

    MyFAST - Wastewater Treatment System

    Available for flows ranging from 20,000 gal/day (75 m3/d) to 160,000 gal/day (600 m3/d), the MyFAST® system utilizes multiple treatment units in one tank. This culminates in a large, decentralized system ideally suited for smaller municipalities and isolated schools and business parks that release effluent directly into vulnerable environments.

  • RollsAIR - Extended Aeration System

    RollsAIR - Extended Aeration System

    The RollsAIR, RollsAIR XL, and RollsAIR XXL Extended Aeration Systems are “Activated Sludge” systems utilizing a complete, aerobic treatment process. The complete RollsAIR System is a packaged, large residential or commercial property, WasteWater Treatment Plant (WWTP) scaled-up from decentralized technologies – which has both a lower capital cost and operations and maintenance costs than existing sewerage-type or centralized...