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  • Residential & Single-Family Solutions - Effluent Screening Devices

    Whether design-build projects or retrofits for property owners or “green-builders” wanting environmentally responsible on-site blackwater and/or greywater treatment systems, our expanded product offering of Residential/Commercial “Green Technology” for onsite wastewater treatment can help in achieving the new higher levels of nitrogen removal.

  • SaniTEE - Effluent Screening Device

    SaniTEE - Effluent Screening Device

    An easy to install/maintain effluent filter screening device to reduce suspended solids discharged in septic tank by promoting natural sedimentation and excludes gas-lifted particles from entering the outlet pipe.

  • BioSTEP - Septic Tank Effluent Pumping System

    BioSTEP - Septic Tank Effluent Pumping System

    BioSTEP makes it easier to design an effluent sewer system for an entire community. We can assist you with designing the hydraulic grade lines, selecting pump systems and packages, transport line sizing, and any other key details for successful effluent sewer design.