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  • Research & Development

  • Environmental Research Services

    Environmental Research Services

    Modern plant biotechnological methods are utilized in the development and optimization of processes for the biological cleaning of contaminated soils, water and sediments: Development of innovative and individual solutions. Selection of suitable functional plants. Adaptation of plants to project-orientated conditions. Procedural optimization of microbial processes.

  • Engineering Services

  • Wastewater Treatment Services

    Wastewater Treatment Services

    BioPlanta designs plants for the treatment of water from various sources, which is contaminated in different ways. BioPlanta has specialized knowledge in the design and operation of passive biological systems (Constructed Wetlands).

  • Remediation of Contaminated Sites Services

    Remediation of Contaminated Sites Services

    For the remediation of abandoned industrial sites BioPlanta is engineering: Measures for the removal or reduction of pollutants (decontamination processes). Measures that prevent the spreading of contaminants (protective measures).

  • Project Management Services

    Project Management Services

    BioPlanta supports its clients in every range of site and project management. BioPlanta´s experience and expertise in the management of sites include: Data acquisition, assessment and documentation of contaminated sites. Historical investigation and soil exploration of contaminated sites. Analyzing risks and hazards. Planning of decontamination operations. Supervision and coordination of exploration and decontamination. Project controlling.

  • Site Development Planning Services

    Site Development Planning Services

    BioPlanta offers site development planning for municipal underground engineering projects. The planning of all required supply and disposal units are both part of our engineering services in the fields of water treatment, remediation of contaminated sites and services in landscape planning as well as separate services.

  • Technical Supervision Services

    Technical Supervision Services

    BioPlanta´s services include: Scientific and technical supervision. Supervision of constructions. Supervision of security and occupational health.