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Biopro LLC

BIOPRO, LLC is the oldest biohazard (crime scene) cleaning and restoration company in the world. Established in 1985 our company provides biohazard cleaning, licensed drug lab remediation, medical waste disposal, gross filth cleanup, accident cleanup, bio-terrorism response, contagious diseases, natural disaster response, tear gas, medical facility decontamination and decommissioning, law enforcement (police vehicles, holding cells, evidence lockers), disaster & mass casuality incident command, toxic mold and transportation vehicle decontamination (cars, planes, trucks, water craft). BIOPRO, LLC has responded to over 20,000 incidents since 1985. We are the only fully licensed, permitted, trained and properly insured company in Arizona. We provide qualified referral services of other qualified companies without charge to most of the United States.

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1015 North McQueen Rd, #166 , Gilbert , AZ 85233-7936 USA
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Business Type:
Service provider
Industry Type:
Health and Safety
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
Year Founded:
100,000,000 - 1,000,000,000 €

Biopro, LLC is the premier bio-hazard and restoration company in Arizona that others have unsuccessfully tried to imitate. In the summer of 1985 Dale Cillian saw a desperate need to help families that have experienced an intentional death, the victim of homicide, or involved in a fatal accident or is undiscovered for a long period of time. Before Biopro, LLC families were left to deal with the additional emotional trauma of cleaning up after a loved one.

Since 1985 Biopro, LLC has responded to over 25,000 calls, triple the number of all other Arizona companies combined. Since that time we have revolutionized the industry with extensive and innovative methods of dealing with biohazard situations. Having provided training second to none and has built an inventory of specialized response vehicles, trailers and equipment beyond the scope of most large corporations.

Biopro, LLC has set the standard in Arizona and throughout the United States that many companies have used to be competitive in the bio-hazard industry. We have over the last twenty years become stronger and more professional and are truly a international leader in the bio-recovery sector.

NOTE: Biopro, LLC does not publish crime scene photographs on its website, real or staged. We find this practice unprofessional and insensitive to the many families and friends that have had to deal with personal tragedy. We condone this practice in a public forum.

Crime Scene Cleanup (Biohazard Cleaning) 101

Biopro is Arizona's only properly insured, licensed, trained and experienced (biohazard) crime scene cleaning company. We are one of the leading experts on biohazard clean up in the United States. Biohazard remediation (crime scenes, suicides, homicides, accidents, infectious diseases, bed bugs, hoarding, etc.) is all we do.

Haz-mat, restoration, janitorial, carpet cleaners, maid services, franchise restoration companies and franchise janitorial companies use biohazard cleaning as a job filler, that's correct they use your tragedy as a filler to keep their employees busy.

One concern is you don't get the personalized service you need during your time of need. What you get is someone who has little, if any experience in dealing with the physical scene let alone your emotional tragedy. As a professional who has been doing this for 26 years I can tell you it takes at least 10 years of continuous biohazard experience to understand how a scene should be properly rectified. Many times Biopro is called in to finish a cleanup that was not done properly the first time, costing the home owner additional money.

Many insurance companies keep a list of 'preferred remediation companies'. For example once a company gets on this list for 'fire or water' remediation they are on the list for many types of insurance services. The remediation company lets their insurance contact know they are now providing 'biohazard cleanup' and the company starts getting insurance referrals. The insurance company has no idea what type of training, experience, or skill level the contractor has regarding biohazard remediation, nor do they care.

Insurance companies may recommend a contractor, but don't be confused by you agent or adjuster, you have the right to use the company of your choice!

Companies confuse you by stating that they have been in the biohazard business for many years. What they don't mention is that they were doing water remediation for twenty years, but biohazard for only six months. Other companies claim their employees have extensive years of biohazard experience when in fact they have experience as police officers, firefighters, nurses, etc. These companies' also combine the experience of employees giving you the impression the company has an extensive biohazard history. Truth is they have one month of actual crime scene cleanup experience! I was a firefighter for over twenty-five years that does not make me an expert in biohazard cleaning.

Another problem is the so called national biohazard companies. There is no national company. There is one company that responds crews to multiple states. A national company has office locations in every state. No biohazard company has this coverage. One particular company also charges ten to twenty times what Biopro charges. You could be responsible for charges ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 for a simple biohazard remediation. They tell you your insurance will cover their costs; this is not always the outcome. This company has many high profile individuals and nonprofit's recommending them. Why? By providing huge referral fees, high profile giveaways and raffles to police agencies along with large donations to nonprofit associations. That's why a $1,000 cleanup costs you $10,000.Check with the Better Business Bureau, get the facts!

Other so called national companies use 800 numbers, fancy websites and blogs to draw you in. These sites are no more than referral services charging 10% - 30% extra because you called them first. A few individuals own dozens of referral sites and blogs. Phone numbers are different but the owners are the same. These referral companies have only talked with or emailed companies on their referral list. These referral companies have no idea if they are sending a legal, insured or qualified company. Some of these companies have employees and owners with criminal backgrounds, some extensive!

Whenever you see a website and there is no address (PO Boxes are the same as no address) these individuals are running out of their homes or apartments. Can you imagine living next door to someone who brings potentially infectious biohazard waste or waste that has a highly offensive odor back to their house? Check out the biohazard company and make sure they are legitimately licensed, see when they were incorporated. Most of the time they have been in business less than six months and had no training. Most times they are not even a legal entity (company). Taking an OSHA Blood borne Pathogen class is a requirement, but a one hour class does not make you an expert. Be cautious about those claiming to be certified biohazard technicians, certified by whom? Certified Biopro technicians receive at least two hundred hours of training. Biopro trains its technicians following the guidelines and training criteria of the American Bio-Recovery Association (ABRA), the only professional biohazard association.