BioRAFT Inc.

BioRAFT Inc.

RAFT has developed a software platform for research management called BioRAFT. It is a modular system that enables the addition of features based on the specific research center needs. The base system is integrated into the research center authentication system, organizes individuals in to labs, collects contact info and lab locations, and provides a profile for the lab as a whole and each researcher. Once populated the system is ready for the addition of more features in the form of modules. BioRAFT is an enterprise software company focused on providing solutions to scientific research organizations. Our team is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts and distributed across the east and west coasts of the United States.

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19 Morgan Drive , Lebanon , New Hampshire 03766 USA
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Business Type:
Software vendor
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Environmental Science and Research
Market Focus:
Nationally (across the country)
less than $1,000,000 US

BioRAFT is an enterprise software company focused on providing solutions to scientific research organizations. Our team is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts and distributed across the east and west coasts of the United States. BioRAFT (Research Applications and Financial Tracking, Inc.) is a privately held company that consists of a core management team and product development team that comes out of academic and biotech research, scientific software, aerospace, high-tech, and banking industries. We are strong proponents for Open Source software and the practices and ideals of the sustainability that it offers.

Our specific expertise is in research and laboratory management and we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience in the research community. This capability shows in our products.  We develop software that does not just meet requirements, but meets them in a researcher-friendly manner. Our development process is weighted heavily on ensuring that our customers get solutions that are actually usable to the end user.

Our software developers are all innovative and sharp-witted. Our development process moves briskly as our team churns ideas into applications. Guided by a management team that understands researchers and how laboratories and research centers operate, the end result is an intuitive application that even the most hard-nosed PI or research executive will use and value.

The BioRAFT vision is to create a unified system of management that supports the sustainability and advancement of research that benefits mankind.

Central to our daily operations are our four core values. These are what ensure our vision always stays true to its purpose.

Four Core Values

Our company was founded by researchers, for researchers. While many of our tools are developed for compliance tracking and information archival 'administrative evils to researchers' we focus on making the researcher experience as painless as possible. We understand that if filling out forms and registering new projects is quick and easy, it is more likely to be done. The result is safer and more efficient laboratories.
As a company, we are always pushing our limits to come up with newer and better ideas. We have modeled our product after no one, and strive to always blaze our own paths. Our culture is fast-paced and up-beat. We think aloud and perpetually brain storm about newer and better ways.
We treat quality as a way of life. Our programming style allows each of our developers to feel deep ownership of the applications we create. This is reflected in the attention to detail that we show in every aspect of our work. We hold ourselves to highest standards.
Building and working with communities is central to our daily operations at BioRAFT. Our application itself is designed as a community project to take advantage of the collaborative atmosphere in research environments. Our code is built on open source applications and projects, all with thriving communities that we regularly contribute to and help support. We firmly believe in collaboration and support from peers.

As individuals and societies, we cannot thrive without better scientific research.

Today researchers are required to spend far too much time on non-research job requirements diluting their ability to do what they do best; discover, cure, and explain the unknown. Working with research organizations we have a single mission:

Enable researchers to focus on their research
BioRAFT's mission is to free researchers to focus on their research by streamlining safety and compliance. Today's researchers are required to spend too much time on tasks that take them away from their research. Not only are the systems for training and compliance cumbersome and frustrating, but they waste researchers' time by forcing them to complete irrelevant tasks or conform to inconvenient schedules that disrupt their experiments.

The BioRAFT solution provides great user interfaces and streamlined workflows that allow researchers to get into the system, do what they need to do, and get back to research in the shortest time possible. In addition, helpful notifications and reminders, and time-saving automation frees researchers and safety professionals to spend less time on compliance and more time on improving safety culture in laboratories.

Wherever people are conducting scientific research--a college campus, a research institute, or a large pharmaceutical company--BioRAFT is enabling leadership to say 'focus on your research.'