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Biorem Energy is a technology provider aimed at delivering profitability to the modern family Farmer through sustainable, environmentally responsible solutions. The Biorem Energy System aids in restoring environmental balance through addressing environmental impact, renewable energy and water conservation. We are committed to helping our customers reduce their environmental presence, by improving efficiencies, quality, throughput and the overall reduction of global resources demand. It is time for every stage of the agricultural value chain to stop settling for “the best option” and instead, achieve the highest levels of profitability, operational efficiency and operational sustainability. With Biorem Energy, you can start by addressing your most immediate needs and finish with a comprehensive system for revenue, operations and environmental sustainability.

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The Family Farming Agriculture Industry faces many challenges to ensure profitability.  Biorem Energy has developed, patented, and integrated a suite of technologies to aid family farms in overcoming some of those challenges.  Farmers are continually posed with difficult questions which affect their businesses.  Should we be environmental or should we be profitable?  Should we utilize water resources in the manner we do today or should we move to another state in hopes of finding more water?  Should we pollute our feed supporting crop lands or should we develop alternative methods for treating our waste?  Should we pay for alternative energy infrastructure or should we hope our climbing energy costs will one day recede?  How do we attack these problems and still support our core business?

Our Family is Committed to Helping Family Farms

The Terrys owned and operated a small Almond Farm in the San Joaquin Valley, and appreciate the various challenges facing today's family farms.  Under their ownership, the family experienced their own struggles with ever increasing environmental regulations, water supply and land management issues - first hand. Over the years and beyond the operations of the Almond Farm, the three Terry sons' professional lives lead them in different directions with the desire to one day reunite and assist other families who continue to struggle with today's farming operations. 

To shed some light on their backgrounds, Mark built a career in Science as a Director of Research and Chief Technology Officer for over 25 years in the field of prokaryotic cellular membrane technologies. He is the inventor of the patented bioremediation technology and Founder of the company. Chris built a career in hi-tech as one of the first handful of employees at SGI Rackable (NASDAQ: SGI) and in the past several years as the Co-Founder of Racklive. Chris has designed and implemented computing storage systems for over 15 years for companies such as Google Search, MSN Search, Sony PlayStation; Sony Broadcast, Dropbox and many other market leaders. John has established himself as one of the premier infrastructure suppliers in the US, providing solutions to companies such as Earthbound Farms, Taylor Farms, Coca-Cola; Nestlé Corp., Cadbury, Celite Minerals and many others for the past 20 years. The family has collectively developed over 100 patents globally. The Terry brothers have joined forces to develop energy efficient and cost saving solutions for the modern family farm.

There is a lot going on around the world and especially in California that impacts the modern family farm.  A variety of issues affect a Farm's end-to-end operations, including profitability, herd health and regulatory requirements.  There are numerous articles of interest focused on our industry. At Biorem Energy, we have attempted to cut through the vast amounts of information, facts and figures, and created a one-stop-shop for all our friends in the fight...Welcome to The Scoop on Poop.