, LLC, LLC LLC specializes in providing microbial solutions for aquaculture facilities - disease control, WWTP facilities, waste effluents - BOD control and the bioremediation of hydrocarbons such as oil spills or oil/water separation. Bioremediation is the application of a biological treatment, mainly microbes, to the cleanup hazardous contaminants in soil and surface or subsurface waters These microorganisms can be used to transform them to less harmful forms. The bacteria feed on the contamination, deriving nutrition for growth and for reproduction. Complex chemical reactions occur, but the result of this natural process is that contaminants are used up completely or are converted (or cleaved) into an innocuous product such as water and carbon dioxide. The microbes will survive and consume their contaminant food source until the unwanted pollutant is remediated.

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PO Box 133 , Stewart , BC V0T 1W0 Canada
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Chemical Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)
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