Biosystems Limited

Biosystems Limited

Biosystems Limited

BioSystems Limited is an international waste water treatment company with its corporate Head Office in Bali, Indonesia and representative offices in Singapore. Established in 1995, the core business of BioSystems is supplying integrated water treatment solutions for large and small scale projects through the application of leading biotechnologies. BioSystems designs, constructs and manages advanced wastewater treatment plants, ultrafiltration drinking water systems as well as providing a range of products and services to support water related needs with our widely diversified customer base thr

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Jl. Tambaksari No. 1 , Sanur Denpasar , Bali 80228 Indonesia
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Industry Type:
Water and Wastewater
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)
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BioSystems is a Multi-National Company with over 25 years experience in the field of Water and Waste Water Treatment. The core business of Biosystems is supplying integrated water treatment solutions for large and small scale projects through the application of leading water treatment technologies. Biosystems designs, constructs and manages advanced waste water treatment plants as well as providing a range of Water Purification products and services to support our widely diversified global clients.

Biosystems also consults on and provides environmental solutions for a wide range of water related issues from large mining projects down to residential water supplies.

Biosystems - More - Than Just Water
Biosystems is a leading water technology company that is fully commited to developing new applications and intellectual property as its long-term competitive advantage.

  • Today, Biosystems has grown beyond just a water treatment company. It is an integrated solutions provider, offering services that cover the whole spectrum of our development, manufacturing and systems assembly, engineering, procurement and construction, operation and maintenance of a wide range of water treatment and liquid separation projects.
  • Biosystems strategic partners are allies with world-renowned research institutions and companies who develop and expand areas of membrane applications, bottling plants, improve existing technologies and processes as well as supply specialist biological products.

Product Range
BioSystemsprincipally manufactures, installs and supplies, amongst others :

  • Membrane Bio-reactor Technology for waste water treatment application.
  • Water Purification Systems, Ultra Filtration & Reverse Osmosis Desalination.
  • Bottling Water Production Plants, Fully Automatic Blow Moulding & Machinery.
  • Containerized Porta Comp Concept - Endless Design Options Available.
  • Biological Products for the waste water treatment

Our clients include the World Bank and UN funded projects, Ausaid, DFAT Aid Agencies, Military Bases, Oil & Mining Companies. This includes Chevron Oil, Shell, BP Migas, Saipem Oil & Gas and Manufacturing Industries. They use our specialist systems for community & staff drinking water use as well as for factories, hospitals, schools and other uses.

Biosystems is an Indonesian Foreign Investment Company with its offshore Corporate Structure - Biosystems Group - based out of Singapore, is a Multi-National Company with over 25 years experience in the field of Water and Waste Water Treatment.

To this end Biosystems have cultivated over a number of years a consortium of companies by way of Mutual Agreements, Exclusive Arrangements, Non Exclusive Arrangements and Co-operation agreements that allows Biosystems to increase and decrease its work force, facilities, infrastructure and capabilities to suit the ever-changing market requirements.

This consortium consists of companies that are leaders in their fields and ensures that Biosystems is always at the forefront of current technology and methods.

Biosystems Group is committed to quality in everything we do. Management will actively and visibly demonstrate commitment to quality by continually :

  • Ensuring that PT. Biosystems Indonesia personnel understand and implement our quality procedures.
  • Initiating, managing and following up ongutting our quality system in the place.
  • Ensuring that our people have obgectuves r quality that are consistent with our corporate policies.
  • Not accepting substandard quality or wasted resources in any lpart of our organization.
  • Providing adequate training and resources to support our qua Ity system development and implementation.

Our objectives for quality are simple. PT. Biosystems Indonesia strives to exceed our customer needs and expectations. We want to be known for having the people in the industry: innovative, safe and professional.

Management will emphasize and see that our quality system is understood, implemented and maintained from the jobsite to the front office.

PT. Biosystems Indonesia specializes in commercial and industrial wastewater and potable water systems.
We are water specialist.

We want to be known for excellent service and customer satisfaction. Our quality policy incorporates the following elements :

  • Ongoing communication with our clients to ensure that we meet their expectations.
  • Cooperation with our suppliers to exceed quality control objectives.
  • Providing adequate resources to develop and maintain our quality control system.
  • Monitonng by management to prevent quality problems from occurring, and resolving problems quickly and cost-effectively when they do.

PT. Biosystems Indonesia is committed to providing the necessary resources, time, and effort to see that our quality policy meets our obiectives of exceeding customers expectations.